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  1. hi all, as some of you no i have been having a lot of trouble with my masterbuilt propane,smoker i have been in contact via email with customer service . first they sent me a regulator then they sent me a door i put a seal on the door now they say i have a burner on the way.i had an idea and thought i would call them and discuss this idea i had and to my surprise they told me that there propane smokers arn't designed to go that low 225. they told me 250 to 300, they said they had a customer in arizona that could not get lower than 325 in the it me or does this defeet the purpose. if any body no;s of any way to resolve this issue please let me no, mine seems to settle in at about 270-280. thanks for any help.
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    You can get a needle valve for it and you will be able to go to lower temps. I have a link to one but its at home on my laptop. Ill get it tonight for you if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  3. thanks i would like that, i take it you have come across this problem before. thanks again nelson
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    I use the same smoker and haven't had any trouble with keeping the temps down.  I can get it to hover anywhere from 130 to 170 by swapping out bricks in the water pan with colder bricks I keep nearby.  I think that like any new tool you gotta play with it till you can find the sweet spots.  Someone here told me about using sand in their water pan and swapping it out every now and then. I figured if sand works a brick outta work so thats what I use.  I dont think I'd seal the door though its a great vent system!  When smoke is pouring out around the door I know its getting good smoke on the meat.  The best BBq I ever ate was cooked in a hole in the ground covered by a peice of tin roofing.  No thermometers or vent pipes just a low wood fire on one end and a tin lid.   The old man had been cooking the same way for years.  He thinks fancy smokers are a waste of money!  try his bbq and you cant argue his logic.  Boils down to me that it aint the gear you use so much as the heart you put into using what you got.  Thjat guy was happiest when hed look you in the eyes when I was about to take a bite and the smile on my face from the unbeleivable flavor and texture was almost half as big as the smile on his and he'd say gotcha.

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