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Smoking Fanatic
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Aug 26, 2013
Oregon Coast
So, believe it or not (don't judge me, this is hard for me to admit), I have a lot of vegetarian friends. While normally I don't care what people think, I decided it was time to start an Instagram feed that was specific to my BBQ, so that family and friends that followed me to see pictures of my dogs and kids and family adventures didn't have to put up with my glutenous, carnivorous, lifestyle. Anyway, that got me thinking, does anybody else on here have a social media page specific to their BBQ/Smoking/whatever?

(Disclaimer: I know that some of you don't have social media accounts, I know some of you don't care what vegetarians might think of you, etc. etc. etc., Just let us know where to follow you on social media if you want.

You can find me at @spaceman_bbq on instagram (it's the only one I bother with for this because it's easy to post pictures)
I have a page on Facebook for my BBQ stuff. Packers and Ribs BBQ...... Check it out if you like...

JC :emoji_cat:
I too am old school and also an old man. I guess that might be why I'm old school.

I'm with you Winterrider Winterrider . . . I think I lasted about 10 minutes on Facebook.

Just got the impression that it had far too many people who required and demanded attention!

Not my cup of tea,

My understanding of Facebook is that it took the place of Peyton Place. Just my $.02
Have never been on it and no intentions of doing so.


Social Media definitely has its pitfalls. I don't begrudge anybody choosing not to participate. Just figured I'd start a thread for those that do so they can easily connect.

It looks like we have more shunners of social media than people who partake. (Probably why this is such a friendly place, most of the time)
fowldarr fowldarr I pretty much use insta the same way. Two best friends, wife and kids see my insta feed. But thats all. mostly post food shots.

FB - burn it to the ground! the worst invention ever made. it has ruined our world. I was there a minute then permanently deleted the account. Best day!
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I don't get Instagram. It seems the only way to add content is from a smartphone. I work on a PC and it just seems a stupid waste of effort to transfer everything to a phone in order to upload it to instagram. I'm talking photos here. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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