Increase time for # of pieces?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by decepticron, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. I put a couple of butts in my freezer smoker for a party i'm having tonight, it's been a long night. Weekends are busy here with tourists so we party mid week. Anyway i've never done two butts at the same time and wonder if they're gonna be done in time? Maybe i should have a contingency plan for hungry people. I took some pictures and i'll post em if i can ever figure out how.
  2. davenh

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    If your smoker can maintain good temp and with the extra load then it shouldn't add much extra time, if any, 1 vs 2. If it is having a tougher time recovering temps, then it might take longer.
  3. mcp9

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    i wouldnt think it would take any extra time. but i am yet to do a BB. 1.5 hour per pound at 225* and look for the correct internal temp.
  4. abelman

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    Hard to say as each piece of meat is different and your plateau's might be different.

    I did two pork butts at the same time last weekend. One was 5 lbs and took 8 hours to get it to 200 internal. The other was 6 lbs and it took just over 10 hours 45 mins.

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