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In Need of a Good Butcher Shop in Phoenix Area

Discussion in 'Arizona Members' started by xxsmokedoutxx, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

          I'm getting really close to completing my RFS conversion to my horizontal smoker, and am about to start looking around town for good butchers.  If the shop is really phenomenal I don't have a problem driving, but if youl know any in or around Glendale that would be preferable. Grass fed beef would be a plus. Let me know, thanks!
  2. becki

    becki Newbie


    Did you find a good butcher yet?  The only one I know of is Hobe meats.  I'm not sure if they have multiple locations, the one I have gone to is on Bell Rd. around 120th (or so) avenue.  I'm curious if you've found any others.  I've had good quality cuts of meat from Costco and Sam's club.
  3. I know this is an old thread but I am curious to where others here are getting their meat, besides the obvious chain grocery stores.
  4. buck1949

    buck1949 Smoke Blower

    I buy most of my meat at CostCo.  It's just my wife and I, and rarely anyone else...so I am not buying Huge cuts of meats.  This so far has sufficed for our needs.
  5. cookie

    cookie Newbie

    Butcher Bob's. West Bell Rd. Excellence meat
  6. There is another Hobe meats location at 16th street and Bethany Home, NW corner. They have an awesome deli there as well. They told me it is all grass fed beef. When ever I want a high end cut like Wagyu, I go there. Other than that, I use Costco or even Sams Club with good luck. Let us know what you come up with. Old thread, but I thought it was worth noting.
  7. wannasmoak

    wannasmoak Newbie

    Baiz of course! They've got all kinds of fantastic cuts, have the whole cuts to give you anything you need on the spot usually. Before I found them I had a hell of a time trying to find beef navel or nice beef brisket points. They dry their meat quite well too. Not the watery dyed meat most grocery stores carry. I used to love Costco meat when I lived in California, but it seems the Costco's here rarely have any good cuts (the ones near me).

    The BEST meat I've found since moving to the state though? The Beef Short Ribs at Asiana Market. They sell them in all styles and sizes, and they are the most marbled, tender, beautiful cuts of meat I've ever smoked. The flavor is incredible and I've never had a bad cook with them since they are so damn tender. $30 for 3 beautiful dino bones in a package. The SO and I can usually only stomach 2 together, and that's because I eat like a pig.
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  8. SecondHandSmoker

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    Late to the party here, but when I used to live in the East Valley, Von Hanson's was always good. But after retiring and moving way further south and east, it's Wallymart meats for me. I have been pleasantly surprised with their Chioce Angus tri-tips lately.
  9. buck1949

    buck1949 Smoke Blower

    Haven’t really bought much meat from Wal Mart but glad to hear you have had some good cuts. I have used Costco and when Frys has their buy 1 get 2 free ribs once in a while.

    As I mentioned earlier - it havent done a Brisket - but I really need to get crackin and try to do one - especially now that it is turning cooler.

    Take care - and - smoke ‘em if you got ‘em !
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  10. cookie

    cookie Newbie

    Get ribs when below $2 per lb. Safeway had at $1.77 last week. Brisket $1.77 this week at Frys
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  11. SecondHandSmoker

    SecondHandSmoker Smoking Fanatic ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Walmart tri tips. My wife and I have tried their ribeyes a couple of times. The quality just wasn't there.

    The weather is now perfect for longer smokes so go for the brisket!

    As cookie mentioned, Fry's has a good deal on briskets. I may check them out if I get the chance.

    Take care.