I'm thinking it's time to leave.....

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On a forum, it is difficult to always get the meaning, since there are no facial expressions and tone of voice to put with the words (as PigCicles pointed out)...Soooooo...here is a good rule of thumb -

If someone says something like "...Lazy!!!!", and then they follow it with an EMOTICON with the tongue sticking out in a funny way, that comment should be taken as a JOKE, and not taken seriously.

That's what emoticons are for. They are there to add "tone."

I agree that reading before you submit a post, and making sure you can't be misunderstood is a very good thing! BUT, at the same time, folks should try not to be oversensitive about what is posted.

I re-read the entire Spaghetti thread, and I took smoked's comments as just poking fun at those who "dared" to use a commercial sauce. Sharp tongued maybe, but joking just the same.

Important Addendum: I don't speak for my husband.
I'm not gonna spend 5 hours making a scratch sauce now, when I can find a pretty good canned sauce that I can 'doctor' (add to) with Ground beef, onions, garlic, mushrooms, gr. peppers and some chiles. Call me lazy .. I don't care!
JUST KIDDING!!! Jeff and folks, we have always been a tight knit little family but as we go thru these growing pains there's gonna be lil hiccup's, it must be expected from being the biggest smoking site on the web, it's not a lil family anymore, still is and always will be my home so roll with the punch's folks.................It's ALL good!!!

If i have offended anybody with this post, then you deserved it!!
I'm making the same observation as Flagriller. Why spend our time on this when we have sooo many political candidates, so many borders, so many product recalls, and so many smokers to buy. Now That's something to talk about.
Hello, my name is Cdad..........

and I am lazy.

Pretty much why I bought a GOSM. Man those ribs were good for lunch. Used a store bought sauce and heated in the microwave. Shared them with a co-worker. He said next time I make some, let him know and he'll bring me some to smoke for him.

(....Burp.....) Scuse me.

my 2 cents over this...
If someone posts a recipe, we should be happy they thought of us to share it with. Try it, if you like it keep it, if not, don't make it anymore or improve it.
I've said this in the past; recipes are nothing more than guidelines, one size does not fit all. You should change it to suite yours and your families tastes, we are not all the same.
So let's all make up and go forward smoking, sharing, and being happy with what we cook. In the grand scheme of things using a store bought pre-made item in a recipe is trivial.
Well, I use sauce in a jar because I AM lazy! But, I don't use sausage in a tube and I make my own, so I'm not lazy in that respect. It's all relative.

It all boils down to this. You gave your "Good Bye I'm not appreciated or wanted so I'm leaving" post to gain attention from the people here. Well, you got it. And lot's of it! Had you not been seeking attention, you would have just not posted at all and just left. I personally won't pander to people who call attention to themselves for sympathy. If you want to go, then go. I can't stop you nor can anyone else. But, it seems you want us to beg for you not to leave. I won't do that. (And remember, this is MY opinion)

It's been said that you offer a lot of great information. You seem well liked here. I personally don't know you, but my advice (for what it's worth) is to suck it up, move on, and keep posting. If you don't, then that's your choice. You will lose because there are nice people here with a lot of great information. Nobody says you have to like everyone here or everyone here has to like you! If you have a beef with someone, PM/IM them and tell them YOUR opinion of them. Let them know they're being a poopie pants or whatever vernacular you choose.
I'm sure most of us here are man (or woman) enough to take the heat..

If you leave here because of someone elses opinion, then I wish you the best. If you choose to stay, then stay and get over it! This site is too good for petty BS pity threads!
While attending The Gathering back in June the famous Ultramag and I were talking about SMF while enjoying "something cool to drink" in the shade (it was a HOT day!) and observing the action around Tonto & Bud's Lang.

Mag said, "You know, sometimes I go back and read what I posted and it doesn't EVEN sound like I meant it." I had to totally agree.

Without being face to face it is really hard to catch the true meaning sometimes.

When you are typing that post or response think about that.

Oh yeah. Smoked, any one who appreciates Bill the Cat is fine by me. Stick around, it gets better.
I completely agree with ya Mike. afterall we are allowing a machine to represent our thoughts and comments, and that will never touch a face to face conversation. I feel that in real life, I'm much funnier, and better looking too
Aside from that, pick your battles. No one's got enough time or conviction to make everything from scratch. I will use JD sausage, because I don't have the means to make my own. Plus I think its pretty tasty. On the other hand however, you will NEVER find premade frozen burgers in my house. I do care enough to make those myself. Two words: personal preference. If you don't like it, don't do it that way. That's the great thing about free will.

This is a great thinktank of a collective passion: barbecue. Let's keep it that way and let everyone bring their opinions, ideas, critisism, and critiques. Our diversity is what defines us,and makes SMF so great, and this place as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts!
Good post. agreed !! I am new here also, but not new to posting on forums. gotta have thick skin. It is the internet afterall ....

Oh by the way, I cut up some leftover fatty and added it to some commercial spaghetti sauce the other day, and threw it on some bread. Darn it was a good sandwich. Guess I'm lazy too !!!
Oh... suck it up cowboy!

Even if it was an all out attack on you, it would have only been one person. Lookie here, there are about 20 folks that have come to your aid and offered their support or tried to show that they appreciate your company. Cry a little if it helps, but then get back on that horse and ride!

Ain't no sissies round here, might be a couple of crybabies, but there ain't no sissies!

(You realize of course, that I have not yet read the thread inquestion)
Az_Redneck: you said it all!

Thick skin is needed, in my opinion, for life in general.

I have many other things floating around in my head (some not so nice
), but for respect of the board, OTBS, and the Smoking Gods (since I've got some ribs on the smoker as I type) I'm going to keep those nuggets to myself! Love this site too much to ever think of leaving...ever!
Hey Bill (Smoked) don't you dare leave! I'm still new in here and need lots more help from both you and recipees from Tatonka.

You know if we were always afraid to express our opinions, or risk being misunderstood, I think this world would be a pretty boring place.

Stay in here, don't take differing opinions personal, and keep smoking!!!
If this is over the use of a canned product.... who here has the time to make their own ketchep/catsup. Before the commercial products, people had to stew up their own version.

As for expressing opinions, this is a FORUM. You should feel free to say whatever you want (within tasteful boundaries).

I welcome being contradicted. If I'm wrong or doing something wrong, I'd like to correct things.

Could someone explain the karl rove thing ?
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