I'm thinking it's time to leave.....

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Dec 14, 2006
Everett Washington
recently I posted a opinion, it was not intended to offend anyone, it was just an opinion. since then I can only say that I feel like I've been blacklisted by karl rove himself..... sadly enough my opinion I stated had already been stated by another individual on the forum, however certain individuals decided that I was being a horses rear, therefore I guess it's time for me to bow out and just keep to myself so that way the only person I could possibly offend is either myself, the little lady or the dog.....
trust me, it was not you...those who it was already know.....
No need to leave smoked we all have our moments from time to time. If everyone was the same it would be a dull world. Stick around and keep on smoking Bro.
As for me, I can deal with opinions that I might not agree with. I urge you to not leave the forum and to continue to share as you see fit. Your leaving would be a loss for you and also those on the forum that might benefit from your posts. Think about it and take care, Bill
I appreciate that marvin, but honestly I stated an opinion (something I thought we could do in a free world) and then since been treated as if I was more evil then osama bin laden.......and trust me, I'm putting it much nicer then it has been, I know when I'm not wanted or appreciated.....granted it may be just from one small demographic, but it's there and I have too many other things to worry about then that crap....guess from now on I have to take a second look before I break bread with anyone.....don't get me wrong, I'll keep the smoke thin and blue, but those I share with I'll make sure they keep their daggers sheathed......
Hey Smoked,
There are Yahoo's on every forum. Don't sweat it. People have there own opinions, good and bad. I noticed around here you have to tread lightly and be a conformist. But pretty much it's a smoking forum as you know unless you venture out to general discussion. Tread lightly my friend. Hope ya stay around!
Hay Smoked Don't leave!

I appreciate your input and opinions! Besides if you leave I'm going to be the only outspoken jerk left here. Opinions are like *******s, everyone's got one. Hell I'm a liberal Democrat living in Houston Texas! You Should meet some of the "opinions" I deal with every day!

Like water off a duck's back my friend, don't let other's misguided words bother you. Say your ground and right where your at. I don't even know what you might have said but I'll sure defend your right to say it.
Smoked, I am a new guy here and very much enjoy the info I have received from this site, including your posts.

But in this case, you made your point in your first post of the other thread and it was received and an explanation was given. There really was no need to go further. A couple more posts by you and then refered to people as being "lazy". Well, all of us are lazy in certain ways, but it does strike a nerve when someone calls us that. Is it being lazy to pay someone to change the oil in your car, paint your house, fix your plumbing, etc.?

You are right about free speech, but you have to give that to others as well. My mamma always told me, "If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it." Pass the spaghetti!

I am not sure what you are referring to either and I am the admin

I have not personally heard or read anything that you have said that I would label as worth getting ousted over.

I have not spoken to the other moderators about you so I may just be in the dark due to my busy schedule that I seem to keep.. but if anyone is treating you unkindly just because you have a certain opinion then let me deal with that.

Why don't you shoot me a PM with the details of your complaint and let me deal with it.. a lot of times these things are just communication problems and not as big as they seem.

If anyone else has a side to this story, please speak up.

On a further note.. I don't know of anyone being asked to conform to anything or having to tread lightly.. I would like more details on that as well if anyone wishes to elaborate a little for me.

Thanks everyone for supporting your fellow members... everyone has opinons and that what makes the world go 'round and keeps life from being dull.
ok boys, back to our one big sand box, no running off with your toys to not share. I read the thread and didn't think your post warranted the response you got, remember, perception is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps they mis-took your posting as directly derrogatory with intent to cause direct harm, I didn't. Let it go...You contribute a great deal to this site, how many people here have differing opinions? Every single one of us...as we say at the tavern...as the bar stool turns....
Bill - from time to time we all say something that seemingly gets slammed, flamed, or just plain shot down by someone else. It happens. I think a lot of the communication is lost without the ability to hear the tone and see the expression from anothers words. I wouldn't take what was said personally to the point of leaving the forum. Just let is slide and move on to the next thread.

I still believe this is the best and friendliest forum on the net. Even when opinions are aired.

BTW all... when posting our opinions, or oppositions, lets try to read them before submitting them. Sometimes they can be re-worded to better emphasize what is truely meant without stepping on someones toes.

Keep Smokin
Smoked, I guess I missed that but I've been in that position but I've also learned to ignore the few and not let them deprive me of something I enjoy. I value your opinions and help you have given to people on this thread. Please hang in here with us
Whoa Smoked!

I just went back and reread that whole thread and there is nothing that is that bad. My opinions aren't all that different than yours, so I do understand!
What is funny to me that recipe is so much like one that one of my sisters had to make for her ex ... (if you would like details, PM me) ... anyhow, there is no accounting for taste. I will never understand why people like McDonalds ... credos to their advertisers. If we can't state our opinions without guilt ... then I'm outa here too!
We all love you Smoked ... so stick around!
I agree, this ain't a perfect world, and we all say things that we wish we could take back. Please stay, you ARE our friend!!
Now that I am a little more in tune with what is going on let me offer some words of what I like to call wisdom but some folks may label it horse poop.. and that's ok

I agree with Joe.. with no voice deflections, facial expressions, gestures, etc. it is extremely difficult to show/read what is really being meant by what is being said.

Things can easily be taken out of context and because we know this, it falls upon us as members to read what we write and make needed changes before hitting the submit button.

I noticed a smiley after the "lazy" statement which would make me automatically take what was said with a grain of salt.

I don't totally agree that everyone who uses commercial products are necessarily lazy.. I think we all enjoy the products that allow us to be lazy so we can get other things done and still have a few things that are enjoyable.

I mean if we want to label things as lazy lets start with the microwave.. nothing out of a microwave tastes as good as when it first comes off the grill or smoker but it works and am sure glad to have one.

Does that make me lazy? No just maybe too busy to do otherwise so instead of doing without I can now have what I like without having to cook it for several hours.

You and every other member on this forum have a right to your opinions and you have a right to state your opinions just like I do.

It just falls upon our shoulders to try and say things without making people feel like they are wrong for not sharing our own views.

Heck, I want everyone to share my views and I don't mind saying it but I have had to come to the stark realization that few folks do

On the flip side of this coin... every forum member has to realize that occasionally folks are gonna make statements that may go against what we think or believe and it is in our best interest to take most of it with a grain of salt.

Smoked.. I think you truly believe that folks who use commercial spaghetti sauce are out of their minds and are too lazy to whip up some homemade.. you have a right to that opinion and I think you should stick by that if that is what you think.

I respect that opinion although I personally have been known to use sauce in a jar when I get home late and the kids are wanting supper before bedtime..

The jar stuff works in a pinch.

it all boils down to this and it's already been said but I am going to repeat it just because I want to..

If any of us wants to make our "out of the box" opinions be known in public then we have to be ready to be met with some opposition.

I can say Hunt's ketchup is better than Hienz pretty safely and not get feathers ruffled too badly but if I say something like..

"Folks who use Jiffy Mix instead of homemade cornbread are lazy"

then I have to assume that quite a few folks are gonna start throwing some tomatoes.

You can't get upset when they throw tomatoes you just dodge them and be happy that you got to make your opinion known to the world.

No body needs to leave the forum.. everyone is welcome to use whatever kind of spaghetti sauce they want to use..

Lazy sauce or homemade.. it is perfectly ok and does not reflect on a persons character.

Just my 2 cents.. ok maybe it's a nickels worth
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