If you like tomatoes, look at this.

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Sep 26, 2006
A fresh heirloom tomato is a work of art to me. We've been picking, slicing, and eating a lot lately, so I took some pix to share with all you other tomato lovers. (I know you're out there).

Hope you enjoy.

Beautiful tomatoes. Big tomatoes, small tomatoes. Tomatoes of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Then you go and throw in the tools of mass destruction. Thanks for sharing Smoky

Keep Smokin
Nice looking maters. Half of my crop got destroyed by tomatoe worms. They were doing great and I didnt water them for 2 days because we got rain, well in 2 days time 2 of my 8 plants were completely destroyed and 2 more were chewed up pretty bad. Those are the ugliest nastiest looking worms I have ever seen. They are eating machines. I gave them a nice bath in liquid 7!!
How dare you suggest adulterating the precious tomato flavor with mayo. You sir, are a cad.

Yes, hold the mayo!

Salt and pepper. Cold adult beverage in one hand. Fork in the other. In the background: Smoker crusing at 225, emitting a thin smoke of blue.

Life is good.
Gee Oky, sorry your garden went to hell like that and didn't produce much!! I am, just now, eating my first cherry tomatoe and am happy to have it. In a few weeks the green tomatoes will be big enough and I can make some of my great granmaw's green tomatoe pie. Can't wait.
Great looking tomatoes there.. also that salad with the (what looks like) cheese bread sure looks refreshing...care to share ???
Terry, it's not nice to talk about things like that without sharing the recipe.
Do I get rep power if I do?
Where are my manners.

It was a salad idead that I came up with while making dinner one night, so there's no recipe really, but I'll try.

3/4# Italian sausage
1 big head romaine
1 small jar marinated artichoke hearts
12 large greek olives-pitted and sliced
1# cherry or grape tomatoes
1/4C fresh oregano-leaves only
3 cloves fresh garlic-slivered
4oz feta cheese
1/2 large red onion-xtra thin sliced,rings cut in half
1/2C chopped pepponcini-juice reserved
1/4c EVOO
balsamic vinegar and sugar to taste

Break up romaine and toss with feta and onions.

Remove sausage from casing, brown in large skillet, remove and drain reserving grease in skillet.

add oilve oil and sweat garlic10 min.. add pepperoncini, juice included, olives, artichokes-juice included- and simmer 5 min.. When heated through, return sausage to pan and heat through. Add tomatoes and oregano, cook only long enough to warm, not cook tomatoes. add sugar/ balsamic to adjust sweetness (actually, probably ought to do this before adding tomatoes)

Pour hot over romaine and toss. Add some good croutons and serve with cheesy garlic bread.

Cheesy garlic bread

Coat a split french roll w/ your favorite cheese, lay on a few thin slices of fresh garlic and bake -top rack-@ 425* till it looks good.

I think that's close. It was good enough to build a real recipe for. Next time I make it, I'll see if I can get some accurate measurements.

The one whom has not ate a tomato samage with Mirical Whip and covered in fresh ground black pepper has not yet lived.
I've got grape tomatos, and LOTS of them! Had some volunteers come up from last year in a flower bed. Those, plus what we planted this year, are making some serious grape tomatos. Super sweet delicious flavor.
Neighbors are benefiting.
Strange warm spring, late freeze, and really wet weather pretty much kept the regular plants from producing anything of size.
Raspberrys are not making either, blackberrys are about half normal numbers. Blueberrys are going great.
And the Zucchini.......................................... ..
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