"If They Are Green... Fry Em" ....

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JckDanls 07

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Sep 10, 2011
Tampa area, Florida.

Fried Green Tomatoes that is... We love them and do them every couple of months...

Salt them (draw moisture out) and then cover with paper towels for 30 minutes...
Then dredge in buttermilk and then in seasoned flour (onion, garlic powder and cracked black...)



Got them all fried up ... Put Sweet potatoes in the oven... And then...

Sorry... None of this was smoked (I know) ... But I couldn't stand at the stove and fry the tomatoes and tend to a smoker outside at the same time... SO


And then we end up with this...



Sweet potatoes loaded up with real butter and a sprinkle of light brown sugar...

Thanks for looking...
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When the meal looks that darn good we let you slide on not running the grill. :emoji_laughing: :emoji_wink: I'd be all over that and looking for seconds!

Looks great and I bet it tastes better.

Point for sure
Thanks for the likes and the comments y'all....

Tried something a little different this time... I used corn oil instead of canola.... Seemed like the coating on the tomatoes was a little harder... not so much a light crisp/crunch... Don't know if the oil had anything to do with it or not...
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