If I dream it......... will it work?

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by burgi, May 14, 2011.

  1. So the other night I couldn't sllep and started to think about how I could build a large smoker, maybe even place it on a trailer...... So I drew out my thoughts and want some of your thoughts on it. The main thing is if I have the smoke/heat inlets and the chimney's in the right space. The drums would be attached to the legs by a sling type deal. This is a rough sketch, so comment away!!


    Kinda hard to see, and have a new MacBook not sure how to flip the scan, sorry.......
  2. smokinal

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    Looks good, but why not make it a double RF, put both exhaust stacks next to each other in the middle.
  3. What is a double RF? 
  4. smokinal

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    RF is a reverse flow, which means the exhaust & firebox are on the same end. There is a plate that is under the grate in the smoke chamber that directs the heat & smoke all the way down the chamber to the opposite end before it comes in contact with the meat then exhausts out the same end as the firebox. In your case the heat enters in the middle. If you had plates on the bottom directing the smoke to the outside edge, then up to the smoke chamber & back to the middle & out through 2 exhaust vents, one from each side. It would be a double reverse flow smoker. I've never seen one before, but it seems like a good idea.
  5. Thank you!!! I like that. Going to make the changes on the sketch!!!! I want to start it this next week. have all the materials here at the ranch, so it should move along.....
  6. Too step 1 tonight after work...... cut the tops of the 2 55 gal drums off. Wanted to try and do the burn-out but due to time and rain, my Pops is going to do it for me tomorrow during the day. Its a good thing to have your parents living next door!!!!!! It very cool, we are going to be able to use just about everything from the ranch to do the build!

    OK...... have a good night!

  7. Now that would be an awesome build!!!! 

    I hope your build runs safely for you Burgi and we all look forward to some updates from time to time....

    Matt    [​IMG]
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    Looks good, 

    And Hell Ya, if you dream it then it can and should be built. 

    I think the drums work fine in the warmer climates, just watch for moisture in the ash when you aren't using the smoker.

    A wet ash box made from a drum will rust thru fast.
  9. So have run into a small issue. I am trying to use all materials from the ranch, kinda a nostalgic deal. The first drum was cut open and burned I think twice. It will be fine after a scrub down with a wire brush , but the second drum was used for oil or tar.... many many years ago. I thought it would be OK after all this time, but after several burns I still get a slight smell of oil and dont want that in my meat for taste or health..... so I am on the hunt, along with several friends, to find the second drum..................
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    You could sand blast. That would get rid of it.

    Could be good to do that before you paint it anyway.

  11. fife

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    Sounds like a plan keep the pix coming.
  12. So I took a break from this project because I am doing it with my Dad and he had a small set back, but he's doing much better and so we are starting up again!!!!!!!!!!! Didnt want you all to think I bagged out on building this.....
  13. Don't forget the pics.
  14. pitboss

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    I have a 39" X 7' 4" used, rusty, old fuel cell (23.83 sq. ft. cooking area) that I am thinking about converting to a double-reverse flow smoker.  Shouldn't the exhaust stack be in the center of the smoker if the firebox is in the center?  My theory is that with proper damper adjustment there should be no hot spots.  Any pics / any suggestions?  This will be my first build.  I have no welding skills.


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  15. melleram

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    Double reverse flow.  So you will have 2 inflow stacks and 2 exhaust stacks?

    Yes you would want it like this, but I think you might run into issues with consitant heat left to right.  If there is any breeze or disruption all the heat might flow one way and leave the other side cold.  With single reverse flow that couldnt happen

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  16. pitboss

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    Thanks for the drawing.  How will the wind affect the grilling/smoking since it is all enclosed????????

    Thanks for all / any help.

  17. roller

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  18. melleram

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    I am just thinking that for some reason, that wind blowing unevenly across the chimneys might make one side draw more, or if one side of the grill gets hotter it will draw better and might pull all the smoke from below towards that side.  What would stop the smoke from wanting to go all to the left or all to the right? 

    You could put a verticle divider underneath the baffle to seperate the two intake stacks, but you might have the same problem of all the heat going up either the left or right stack leaving the other side cold.
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  19. Maybe a wind deflector on top of your stacks that can be rotated. Might look a little like this but with rotatability.

  20. smokinal

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    Why not use just one big stack right in the middle?

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