I'd call it a success...

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Original poster
Jan 3, 2017
Just got my first smoke under my belt! A lil 4.5 lb brisket using hickory chips. Went back and forth to foil or not. I did end up at 160* and cooked till IT was 195 then put in a cooler for about and hour and a half. ( cleaned out all the cheese in fridge and made a killer Mac and cheese while I waited) only question I have is on the wood chips. I put in the 1/2 cup as the manufacturer suggests, it's a MES 40", about every 1 to hour and a half. Is that pretty normal? All in all I am thrilled and can't wait to make sammies for work this week and smoke something next weekend!

A HUGE thanks to all the posters on here as I scowered this site for the past week and learned a lot!

Looks great.

If you dont want to add chips every hour get a Amazin tray.   10 -12 hours smoke time with pellets.
Nice job on your first smoke!

Especially since it was a brisket.

Point for such a successful first try!

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