Iberico Spare Ribs - First attempt!

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Jul 13, 2021
After looking on line I see the cook time is much less than traditional spare ribs. It seems that with the high fat / marbling everyone is around 135-140 internal temp. This leads me to believe you can almost cut your smoke time in half. Just trying to plan when to start and be ready for dinner tomorrow night.
Iberico Ribs.jpg
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Have them on the Yoder offset for 30 minutes so far and they are cooking fast. Most say to cook higher than normal but I'm keeping the temp on the safe side and it's 140 IT already!
1 hour in. Top two are grate level probes, firebox side then stack side. Last two are internal temps.
3 hours in. Keeping a small coal base and adding apple wood as needed.

Probing good maybe another 30 min.
3 hours and 30 min:

Not sure if I should let it ride so I cut a thin rib from the center area. The outer fatty areas look good. I let it rest about 10 min and performed an inspection bite.

Flavor is great, not much meat but the membrane holding it to the bone is not rendered. 🤔

Decided to wrap and put it back on to finish up if I’m calling it correctly. Bend test is good BTW.

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I was curious about your comments cooking faster (or pulling off at a lower internal), but I noticed your rack was just over 2 pounds. I still cook until tender, and not pay attention to internal temps.

I can say that Iberico pork has a more savory flavor, and the fat content is way higher than commodity or heritage pork. But it's a soft fat, that renders easier. One thing is for sure, you won't dry it out.
Interesting cook. Never really even heard about Iberico pork before. I've never used a thermometer on spare ribs, so it was cool to watch. Thanks for posting!!
I was worried about over cooking and having a dry rib, been there. I dropped the temps to about 200 and smoked til 5:00 so that is a total of 5 hours. I wanted the membranes to render and they did but not perfect.

Taste was very delicate, juicy and mild. Very different flavor that the wife and I loved.

It seemed the rack was very thin on one end and the fatter end turned out much better.

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That rib in your pic looks nice and juicy blowby. Excellent Job!!!

Point for sure
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