I was given 30 pounds of bellys 3 years back

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Aug 28, 2007
Lecanto Florida
I just ran out and want to buy a box to brine, smoke, slice and vacuum  pack I live in Lecanto Florida and am shocked at the prices I have been quoted  for a  box. Seems 4 to 5 dollars. can anyone direct me or advise me-- I tried emailing a wholesale house in Tampa an did  not get any response. :)
That sounds expensive for bellies.  Did you contact a butcher and ask them to order a case for you.  Generally takes 2 or 3 days but I generally get a good price since they are not holding it and taking a chance on selling it.   Restaurant Depot had bellies at $ 2.65 lb yesterday
Ya know my planning does not seem too good. I was smoking bacon last August in the hot heat at night and I looked yesterday and could only find one pkg. in the freezer. But of course its getting warm now again.

I am thinking this time I won't be so lucky on prices either...... or slicing or cryo pac'ing.

Maybe have to buy a vac-seal this time.

You know When ya add up all the equipment, that "less expensive" justification sort of blows out the window.......LOL BUT MUST SMOKE BACON>>>> BACON GUD!!!!
I'm out also and if I don't do them in the next couple of weeks it'll be too hot, even at night

I'm going to Toledo Bend Wed and I'll try and pass through Eunice.  Eunice has a pretty big butcher that normally has nice bellies in the display case, if not they should be able to hold a couple for me till Friday.
The  biggest  butcher said $3.85 and the publix  butcher said over $5. Boy what a let down.
 I just did a search for restaurant depot and found  nothing. Is the name you gave  correct? :)

You need to get a card.  anyone with a business license can get them

I'd continue to try smaller butchers in the area,  they can order you a case.  They may be that expensive in your area right now,  prices move pretty quick with the market.
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We all may as well get used to it.  ALL this is gonna go up, up, up. Beef in particular. I found some eye round and chuck roast @ 3.99 and bought 4 of each. I'll grind the chuck as needed and smoke/roast the eye but make it last.  Stuff I've heard is 20-40% increase in short order. $.02
I have  no problem with a case quantity;  but the best price I could find was 3.85 at a  butcher and--super wal mart was a  bit over $5 for a case. I found a  restaurant depot in tampa and Orlando Florida and I cant seem to find any meat or cod  cut products listed,. I must be  missing something. :)
Rest Depot was $2.06 about 6 weeks ago.  This week they were $3.09.
I'd go in Monday throw that down and demand they double your wages! Well you have to get a little ahead for your self too don't ya? You want a raise because the bellies are going up! yeah yeah that's the ticket! Check the pork belly prices in the commodities, Sell! Sell! Sell its a run!
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