I owe an apology.

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Jun 1, 2008
Just like the title says I owe an apology to 3 members on here. Back in April we had a throwdown and we had 3 people enter. I decided to give all of them a prize. My first attempt failed as the company I went thru never delivered. Fast forward to today lots of things have happened but in the end they are excuses and I failed to get these prizes out in a timely manor.

That being said I offer a huge apology to

DRKsmoking DRKsmoking civilsmoker civilsmoker BandCollector BandCollector

I have sent them all private messages and we have gotten gifts to or on their way to all of them.

Again I am sorry for my failure and thank you for being so patient with me.

Smoke on.
Best laid plans Brian . You can't control what others do . I learned this from running jobs . Who got the blame ? That's right .
I finally did get all mine from last Oct. Nothing you can do about actions of others .
I know I'm not involved in this one , but it's obvious you care and make the moves on your end .
Brian, thanks and thank you for the opportunity to compete and for the gift! It is very much appreciated!

PS I had to apologize today for invoicing my client a lesser rate because I didn’t ask permission first….
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Stuff happens adults admit when they are wrong and man up. Much respect Mudd
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I'm just glad to hear you're not perfect...guess I'll have to go find a new role model! :emoji_blush:
Just kidding bud! We really appreciate all the extra work you put in putting the throw downs together!

As they say “stuff happens”. No one here would doubt your integrity for a second. Glad to see you posting again too. Those carrots were cool!
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Life has it ups and downs for everyone and sometimes we can't accomplish everything we have our sights set on in a timely manner. No problem my friend and no apology necessary. I appreciate all the work you do for the forum. . .Thanks again,

Thought I would offer my entry to everyone again. Great dish for many occasions. If you can find good tomatoes these days!



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