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  1. A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had a couple slabs of bacon curing but I never followed up with the results. I did some pretty exhaustive research on the process and found a goldmine of information on another site (Sorry, SMF) Having spent 40-odd years in the restaurant business, I was really concerned about food safety because of the relatively long processing time. I just didn't want to take chances.

    I used a mostly wet cure. I sealed each 3# slab in a 2.5 gallon Ziploc storage bag I picked up at Walmart. Each had about 1.5 cups of liquid which was enough to keep the slabs covered during the cure.

    Because our fridge was packed with pulled pork, ribs, potato salad, etc. from the 4th, I kept the bacon in a 60 quart cooler packed with ice for 6 days. I drained the water, added ice as needed, and turned the slabs daily.

    For one slab I used the Asian recipe from Amazingribs.com and for the other I used a hybrid of his regular recipe and a couple others I found. Both turned out really well. Even my mother-in-law couldn't complain, which is highly unusual. Anyone old enough to remember Mikey in the Life cereal commercials?

    My wife used about a half-pound of the regular in a pot of corn chowder. It came out phenomenal.

    Asian bacon



    Heatin' some up for a sam'mich!
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    Your bacon looks real good.

    Most of us use either Pop's brine, or dry cure with this calculator.


    I prefer the dry cure. All you need is a good scale.

  3. Thanks, Al! I have a pretty good digital scale. It's designed for postage/shipping and weighs up to 80 lbs. Even though it has a small footprint it has a tare function which allows me to put a large pan on it.

    I now have a 3 gallon bucket with a lid I bought for a big chicken so next time I'll try brining it.
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    mmm bacon [​IMG]  looks great [​IMG]
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    Think about getting a scale that goes from 0-100 grams.....   something similar to this....;

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    Small scale is great to have.     I have this this one, love it.
  7. Forgot to mention mine does standard & metric, too - pounds/kilograms, ounces/grams. Got it on eBay a few years back for about $20. Verified it with a set of weights up to 3# and it's dead on. It's made by a company named Saga. Made in China of course but it does the job.
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    Sorry to be a PITA ....  BUT....  You can NOT accurately weigh 5 grams of cure on an 80# scale.... 

    It would be like the doctor weighing your new born son at a highway truck scales....
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  9. Yes, you're right.

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