I guess I'm not smart enough

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Actually it goes to hell when I hit "enter" Is there a way back from this because I keep hitting enter by reflex.

I have wasted way too much time trying to post with no luck, and it's not my first post. Everything goes well until I add a picture. Then the picture jumps up to the top of the message and any new text starts above that. Anybody have an idea what I am doing wrong? I use "Firefox" for a browser
I'm using IE, but I'll try to duplicate the possible problem. I'll try to insert a pic below this text.The prompt will be on the next line below, so that's where the pic should end up.


So far it worked.Now I'll hit ENTER...

All it did was drop a line.
w Here it goes again. I made a typo and tried to backspace out of it and the text jumped up here and wont go back.

Maybe I need to reboot or something. Seems like I had a similar issue on my first post and I must have figured something out because I posty
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