I found another good mini pot option.

Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by 12ring, May 16, 2015.

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    So it seems that the Vasconia pot is really hard to find. I was lucky enough to have built one when you could get them from walmart. Our local target stores have the Imusa pots but they are to large at the top for the weber lid to fit and the take modifications.

    A few months ago I was at one of the Mexican grocery stores and saw they had a ton of pots. I didn't have a tape measure so I couldn't see if they were the right size. After my friends have seen my smoker, I have been asked a few times to help them build one. I finally wrote down the demension of what the pot needed to be and went back to the store. I measured them out and sure enough they are gonna fit perfectly. Best part is they are only $17.99

    The top of the pot is a good fit for the lid and it can easily be ajusted because the top lip does not meet the side of the pot. You shouldn't have to crimp it but if you had to, it would be easy. Here is what I mean.

    The bottom of the pot is very rounded. It fit into the bowl of the weber nicely but I like to attach the lid to the bottom because I think its more stable.

    Here it is next to my baby. I love this smoker so much. It is amazing how much food you can cook, how efficient it is on fuel and how steady it holds heat.

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    What brand is it? If it is for sale online - they will be sold out in days at that price!
  3. 12ring

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    I work for a shipping company so I was thinking I could use my shipping discount and help a few guys out by getting them one and shipping it to them but, finding a box, getting their money for the pot and shipping and then going there to ship is gonna be a headache. I found this on the label. Hopefully it helps some guys out.

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    Thanks for the info. It looks like the pot is made special for Northgate Markets, and doesn't appear to be available to order online.

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