I forgot the buns!

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Feb 18, 2012
SCV - So Cal
I went shopping yesterday and bought a large pack of Nathan's hot dogs but somehow forgot to get buns.

No problem. I also bought a can of cinnamon rolls for breakfast. My brain had a small light bulb moment.

Would this work? I unrolled the cinnamon rolls then reshaped and rolled them around a few of the hot dogs.

One can only made enough for four of them and I saved the sugar glaze for something later.

This was just for fun but it worked out great.


Without the glaze the rolls were a little sweet but not as much as you would expect. I ate two of them for dinner and did not add any condiments to them since they tasted great.


I added some super sweet and fresh cantaloupe and white cheese popcorn to the plate to even out the flavors.

It's not the best thing I ever made but it turned out way better than I expected.

Would I do this again? 100% I would. This was great.
Monte Cristo dog ? I bet those were good . I use the canned biscuit dough from time to time .
I dust the sausage with flour or some starch before wrapping . Keeps it from sliding out when you take a bite .

Great idea , and something new for a change up .
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