I am getting a 500 gal Propane tank for free - What can I do with it?

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by workoutchamp, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. I am getting one of those Momma-Jomma propane tanks form a house I am selling.

    What the heck can I do with it? [​IMG]

  2. jbchoice1

    jbchoice1 Smoking Fanatic

    duh, make a smoker/grill
  3. Those suk for smokers! Drop it of at my house and I will dispose of it for you! For freeeeeee! Just jokin! Dam bro 500 gal..... Lucky guy! I am sure you will get plenty of ideas from this place!
  4. travcoman45

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    Build a Porta-Pottie?

  5. packplantpath

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    Blow yourself up if you're not very careful[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG].

    We want pics.
    Of the smoker, not the explosion.
  6. jond

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    You are on here and NEED to know what to do with it lol.

    Just be very VERY careful to make sure it's safe before you try cutting it etc. I don't know how to make one safe but the guys that do will no doubt be along shortly to help.

    Looking forward to seeing the pics :)

  7. I give ya 10x what ya paid if ya bring it to arkansas[​IMG]
  8. big game cook

    big game cook Smoking Fanatic

    took the words right out of my mouth.[​IMG]
  9. bigwayne

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  10. pinkmeat

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    I have two words: rotating racks
  11. I know I've had several guys look at the Lang 84 and say there is no way to build it for the price Ben charges. It would be much more.

    That said, I have a cooker - do I need two? No. Would it be just a few hundred to make a cooker out of it?

    Hmmmmmmm. I will get a couple quotes and see where we are.

    Any input guys?
  12. waysideranch

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    Free ride to the moon, perhaps.
  13. This is where I got the plans for mine. It's coming along nicely. I have some pics to post in my thread but I don't have time tonight. Good plans and you can modify them as you go to suit your likings.
  14. oldschoolbbq

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    After my Tejas purchase,Trish cut my pockets out![​IMG]
    Have to be Frugal,yuck![​IMG]
    But if'n you don't get it fingered out, I'll come get it and worry FOR you:)-LOL
  15. I would guess the welding shop will fill it with water and then cut it later - like they do gasoline tanks.

    Any welders out there?
  16. roadrunr

    roadrunr Meat Mopper

    add a few partitions and sum wheels ya have yourself a nice redneck mobile home
  17. bmudd14474

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    Shouldnt cost too much to build. I just got a free tank from a local propane company today. They have alot of them and told me I could come back for more. Got a 300 gal one. Good luck with yours.
  18. soarkrebel

    soarkrebel Fire Starter

    I filled mine with water several times and let it sit in water for about a year.
    That was because it took me that long to get around to starting it.
    It was open to the air through the fill and vent holes the whole time.

    I did let a little water out just before I cut it and yeah I was a little tense but it went smooth.

    The next time I do it I will fill it with water a couple of times and then fill it with exhaust gas from a good running engine.

    It can be dangerous and use caution. Now mine is a tank that was open to the air for decades before I cut it. I would use more caution on a newer tank but I will do it again.

    Be smart and make something others are to timid to attempt![​IMG]
  19. soarkrebel

    soarkrebel Fire Starter

    Man I would be loading up!!!![​IMG]
  20. waysideranch

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    Be smart and make something others are to timid to attempt![​IMG][/quote]

    You got that right.

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