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  1. flinchy

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    I live in Kansas I have been trying to smoke meats for five or six years with varying results, everyone who eats it likes it but I am not satisfied with it, I know it can be better. I have a homemade wood type smoker that has the fire box on the end lower than the cooking chamber and I just bought a masterbuilt electric. I am here to learn
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    Flinchy, welcome to SMF!  Glad you are here with your offset smoker and your new MES, looking for tips to turn out consistently good hot smoked meat.  A good place to start is to let us know what your dissatisfaction is with each type of meat so folks can diagnose the trends.  Also, there are a ton of folks here with the MES so you'll get onboard with that smoker very quickly. 

    Just for the record, we smokers tend to be perfectionists.  Even the best among us rate each smoke, knowing that so many variables come into play, especially the meat.  No two briskets are alike, or butts, or turkeys, etc.  What worked perfectly last weekend might not turn out the same this weekend.  If it did the folks who win in competition would win every weekend.   

    Have fun!
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    Welcome to the board!  Show us pics of your build.

    I'm running an offset, too, and I love it.
  4. flinchy

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    Sorry this is taking so long trying to get pics on here.
  5. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a nice cool day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything. 

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    Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site.

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