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Dec 31, 2005
My wife got me a comalco tower smoker for christmas. I have a ton of venison that i want to smoke. What do I do. I have ben looking for basic info. I have some hickory and mesquite wood. Do I put it in dry or wet it? Is the right temp 220-235? Or am I supposed to use charcoal. It also has a pan for water. I just cant find any smoking meat for dummy directions. John in az. Thanks
Welcome aboard, John! First I would suggest that you review Jeff's five day Basic E-Course on smoking (It is free!). Then follow up with a review of the smoking info in the Wild game section. Then if you still have questions let'em roll! That's what this forum is all about! Also please visit the Smoking Meats website. It is a sister site to this one! There is a link on the forum page. All the info you need is in these pages. Take a bit and browse!
Once again, welcome to the finest friendliest smoking meats site on the net!
Look in to the Wild Game link. I use a little charcoal For a base and put the wood on top and I sook my wood and add apple juice in my pan so it adds a deper flavor. When it comes to wood it is all what you like There is no right or Wrong just what you think what mokes it good for you.
John, Welcome to the Forums. You will find a ton of help here in reading the threads and by asking. Tulsajeff's eCourse is an excellent way to get started.

Hickory is great to use by itself, however mesquite can be a bit harsh unless it's used with a base wood and the mesquite is just used for flavor. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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