How to smoke a Picanha.

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Not at all. The Picanha or Top Sirloin Cap, is pretty tender, similar to Strip loin or NY Strip Steak. Picanha does well with a Reverse Sear. Smoke at 225°F to an IT of 110-115°F. Rest 20 to 30 minutes, while you get your Grill screaming Hot. Then Sear the meat, turning frequently, to an IT of 125°F for Med/Rare. Rest 15 minutes and Carve. In Brazilian Style Churrascaria Restaurants. The Fat Cap is left on and Seared until brown and crisp. This Fat is prized for it's Beefy Flavor. Good Luck...JJ
It is also called coulotte when the fat cap has been trimmed off.
This may be the best cut from the cow. Great texture and deep beefy flavor.
You don't need any seasoning except salt and maybe pepper.
Also you don't really need any smoke, just a grill (but a little smoke won't hurt).
Like Jimmy said, indirect heat (IT=110) for 10-20 minutes depending on thickness and grill temperature, then remove and get coals real hot for searing.
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