How to light a AMNPTS?

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  1. tom 178

    tom 178 Meat Mopper

    I just got a AMNPTS , some pellets and a Maverick 732 from A-MAZE-N Products. They got here real quick. I am going to season the tube tonight. I read that to light it you should use a torch. I do not have a torch :( Do you really need a torch or is there another method for lighting it? If you do need a torch anybody know what works well so I can go get one?

    I want to go get a Boston Butt to smke friday also and give these new things a try.

  2. talan64

    talan64 Meat Mopper

    I have the a-maze-n dust smoker, and original I had gotten the little butane torch to light it. However, that died when I refilled the butane. So, I got a hand held propane torch, which works splendidly.  I'm sure such a torch would work for the pellet smoker version also.

  3. handymanstan

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    When smoking with charcoal I have just filled the tube with pellets 4/5 full then add a white hot piece of coal to the top of the tube. Let sit a few minutes then put in smoker. 

  4. tom 178

    tom 178 Meat Mopper

    Thanks! I see a cheap one at Lowe's that looks close to the one you pictured. I'll go get it after work. I have an electric smoker so hot coals are not something I have around alot.
  5. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    That's what I use.
  6. bearcarver

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  7. tom 178

    tom 178 Meat Mopper

    Thanks guys! I got the one pictured above at Lowe's for ~$15.00 it works ok. The AMNPTS works great I am on my second load of pellets in the little six incher. First load smoked great for two hours, second load has gone for an hour and I'll let it go for another.
  8. To speed up the lighting you can use a hair dryer on low air to fan the fire. I can have min ready in around a minute. Also I got their bigger one also. So for long smokes I can use it and get six hours or use the small one for shorter smokes.

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