How to know temp and time to SV and what's the goal temp after ice bath

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Mar 22, 2013
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I'd smoke the rubbed ribs at 210-225* for 3-4 hours till IT 150* to get some smoke on them, then bag and SV at 155* for the 24 hours to get tender, then if unable to eat the pasteurized ribs put sealed bag in an ice water bowl or sheet pan of ice to quickly cool in the fridge. Now you have 28 days in a 37.5* fridge to figure out when you want to eat it or the next day. Reheat the bagged ribs in the SV at 154 since cooked to 155. Open and eat or sear/torch whereby you reheat the ribs at 145* in the SV for carrry over from searing to 155*. Keep the SV bath temp the highest IT you want to finish at. You're making tender ribs more juicy from time soaking at 155 so more juice is in the meat and not squeezed out from the meat not denaturing as much vs ribs being done normally low and slow to 195*.

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