How to get smokey flavor from my 'Old Smokey"

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by extexan, Nov 14, 2010.

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    I previously had an old Redi-Smoke & asked for a new smoker for a present (more like a Bradley or at least the Cajun). My family got me a 'Old Smokey', which is just the newer version of what I had.

    This one at least has a temp adjustment; however, I am still having the problem of too much steam & not enough SMOKEY FLAVOR (and it states not used any liquid). I brought a thermometer to add, as I personally think it's totally missing the 'slow cook'...even at the lowest temp. I thought I had read previously about someone drilling holes for better smoke; but, I can't find the info.

    I really like a crust & smoke ring, but nothing comes close. Since I no longer live in Texas, I crave Texas style brisket. The last time I cooked it, I blackened the brisket on the grill, which was an improvement. However, I smoke (or at least try) chicken, pork, cornbread, etc. Pls HELP!
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    i had bad luck with using that smoker it works fine for smoking chili's or smoking lobster or shrimp since it steams everything. don't use it for anything else. i use mainly for making chipotle peppers. and since it steam everything your not going to get a smoke ring or a crust. you can try to make some vents for the smoker on the lid that might do the trick.

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