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How often use your gas grill instead of pellet?


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Curious for those of you with both, does the gas see much action? Or if you only have a pellet grill, do you ever wish you still had a gas grill?


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I only use gas for steaks since they only take few minutes to grill. For grilling I mostly use my Char-Broil Charcoal Barrel Grill. My poor Weber's don't see much action anymore. I really like the ability of multiple cooking positions on the Char Broil. I only use pellet for smoking.


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I have a few smokers (lol) including 2 pellets and my gasser still gets a lot is use. It’s an old Weber with a full set of grill grates....a cooking tool I won’t go without! We use a grill or smoker about 4- 5 days a week all year long. Although the the past two months its been 6-7 days a week sans oven and all.


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I’ve not used a gas grill since I got my Kamado several years ago. I ended up giving it away as it was a nice Holland and I didn’t want it to be wasted. Once I had a taste of that charcoal kissed food I couldn’t go back. The only thing I use gas on is my Blackstone.


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Since I bought my pellet grill last year and also discovered sous vide cooking, my gasser has sat idle. Probably dump it next spring.


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I just bought a Napoleon a couple months ago to replace my dead Chargriller. I use it pretty often. I use it a lot for reverse searing and if I'm cooking something that will stink up the house, like fish. I also use it a lot as an alternative to my oven for casseroles and such. Also works great when in a hurry too. I also have a Blackstone that I use alot. There are many times that I got the RT going in addition the grill and or griddle.

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Like civilsmoker civilsmoker I have numerous grills, including a competition quality 42" Lynx Professional propane grill, the Rec Tec RT700, and a Weber Performer Deluxe to name a few. All get used on a regular basis. We tend to cook everything outside so it's easy to say we're using them 7 days a week. The one that gets used the most is the Weber, which is kind of ironic because I'd not had a charcoal grill for many years. They took too long to fire up and get ready so I stuck with propane. The Performer though has a gas ignition system so it's a breeze to fire up and be cooking in a matter of a few minutes. We both love the flavor and convenience of the Weber. The one getting used the second most would probably be the Lynx with the Rec Tec at number 3. There's never a week that goes by though that they are not all used.



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It comes down to preference. Some things are best (preferred) smoked, others are better on the grill. What we are having for dinner determines what equipment will be used. There is a third category, with the best example, especially this time of the year, being turkey. I use the grill w/rotisserie and a smoker tube to get the best of both. Great skin, super moist smoked turkey. Chicken is usually done on the grill for the same reason.


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Depending on what I’m cooking. Will say the smoker had seen a lot more action this year.


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My gasser completely rusted. Never really cared for it so no desire to refurbish. It is now just a cabinet for a propane bottle and my Camp Chef single burner I use for roasting coffee. Weber Performer twice as old as the gasser gets the grillin' duties.

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Interesting discussion. I Love my Weber Deluxe and the flavor it gives. However, there are some foods that need more precise and easily varied temps. Or I just need a quick sear to finish an item and firing Charcoal would be wasteful.
Pellet grills are precise but only have small, if at all, direct flame, 700°+, searing areas.
Gas holds once you spend a bunch of time dialing in the temp, but have wall to wall Searing capabilities.
It is a tough decision deciding Pellet or Gas...JJ


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I use mine very little. there is an occational need, but its less often now. between the rec tec and SV which cover most of my current cooking needs, its jsut not used that much.


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I have both gas and pellet grills to make steaks and BBQ. But, personally, I prefer pellet grill for BBQ and gas grill for steaks. It gives tender and rich flavor to the meat, to host parties with friends.


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I got rid of my gas grill shortly after acquiring my Smokefire. I did pick up a Blackstone which I converted to natural gas. Definitely use both during the week for quick dinners etc.


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With the price of charcoal these days I end up using my Weber Summit for grilling burgers, dogs and fish for steaks and chicken I still use my Weber kettle.


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When we bought the house we currently live in almost 30 years ago, my wife said that if I got a gas grill, she'd use it. So I bought one, nothing fancy. After probably 15 years of being patio art, I gave it away still in almost new condition. I have 2 Weber kettle grills and a cheap offset smoker that get used A LOT....


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We use the propane for breakfast because it's just quicker to fire up throw the griddle on and start cooking, we usually make some type of potatoes with dinner and they go on the gasser and when we make corn on the cob that goes on the side burner.

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