How Many Mes Owners Here?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ronp, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. 30'

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  2. 40'

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  3. 40' with window

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  4. 40' 800 watt

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  5. 40' 1200 watt

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  6. I like it a lot

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  7. I wish I had something else and why

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  8. Where did you buy it?

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  9. Sams Club

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  10. Other please list where in a post

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  1. I got mine from Target.  Saved an additional 5% and got free shipping with my "Red" card.  Only complaint was that one of the corners on the smoker box had a ding in it.  No damage to the box though.  Doesn't affect the performance though either.
  2. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yup-----Dent doesn't hurt----Much better than a bad controller or heating element.

    You'll love it !!

  3. I would give masterbuilt a call. There customer service is outstanding from what I have read.
  4. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I agree!!

    It's likely they'll send vaheredity a new door.

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  5. brianbray

    brianbray Newbie

    I had a truly exceptional experience with them- I don't want to detail it because they did something that they did not have to even though my smoker was clearly out of warranty. Masterbuilt is a family company and even though the outsource abroad, they still act in the family tradition. 

    They also probably want to know about that manufacturing defect, if they don't already.
  6. Thanks Bear.

    I smoked a pork shoulder over the weekend and it came out okay for a hurried cook.  Next time I'll be better prepared and hopefully it'll be even better.  Will be sure to do some "Q-View" as well.
  7. I've got the 30 with the window from Home Depot. Love it for chicken, got the Masterbuilt smoke generator attachment for salmon and other low temp stuff. I recently got very good reviews from a couple old timers who have both always used charcoal. So proud.
  8. lothar1974

    lothar1974 Smoke Blower

    Just bought it directly from MB today.  Now the hard part, waiting for it to arrive.
  9. paulh1966

    paulh1966 Smoke Blower

    just got mine, about to season it, I got an MES 30 Gen1.
  10. I have only had my MES for a month or so. Only complaint is it seems to cook to fast. I put chicken on at 215 and it is done in less 2 hours. Same thing with ribs. Am presently smoking baby back ribs right now and put temp at 210degrees. Will see how they do.
  11. lanshark42

    lanshark42 Fire Starter

    I've had mine for about a month now - 30" digital w/Window.  From QVC.  Everything that has come out of it so far  - 2 butts, a whole loin, 3 racks of ribs, has been DELICIOUS!  Couldn't be much happier with it.
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  12. campchef1

    campchef1 Newbie

    sounds like your internal temp gouge is not giving you an accurate reading you should add another temp gauge to see if the gauges are in synk.

    if they read the same and you would like a longer cook time just lower the temp of the oven. match the internal temp of the meat by the time of cook to = the set oven tempature
  13. brayhaven

    brayhaven Fire Starter

    Love my 30" so far.  Have done chicken, ribs, butt, & 2 brsikets in it.  Had to replace the controller after 2nd use.  Great cust service and new one seems fine.  

    I ran into a guy the other day wheeling one out of Lowes.  I told him "You're gonna love that smoker"  He said  "I know, I wore my other one out after 5 yrs and a million pounds of meat"...  These things should be named  "smoking for idiots" as they are about as idiot proof as a smoker can be.

  14. parrot-head

    parrot-head Meat Mopper

    I have the 30 foot version...been having a blast with it.

  15. bbq jedi

    bbq jedi Fire Starter

    I have the MES 40. Works pretty good but I want to get a Yoder YS640 now.
  16. I have the 30" and 40" with window I did 9 slabs of b/b ribs 40 drum sticks & 14 bacon rapped cheese dogs. Ribs 2hrs drumsticks 11/2 hrs dogs 1hr, I started every thing at the same time pulled dogs after 1hr chicken 11/2 hrs ribs 2 hrs. I had my 4 burner infrared grill on low 2 outside burners on put chicken above burners that were off dogs on top rack. I pulled ribs put chicken in a foil pan put ribs on grill all burners on low sauced ribs, 10min flip ribs add sauce every thing was ready 21/2 hrs later. I used 40" to do all great time,food 17 people MES only way to smoke and enjoy yourself. 2 friends have since bought 30"MES

    I bought my 40" at Sams Club $299 love it
  17. I got my MES 40 as a gift from my wife when I got back from my last deployment. I smoke meat all the time and I have never had a single issue with it. Best gift ever[​IMG]
  18. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Do not trust the MES temperature display. Thanks to advice here I began using a separate therm with a probe which I first calibrated and then saw how the temp on the MES 30 digital Gen 1 (which is what I have) varies. I now use a Maverick ET-733 with twin probes (one for food the other for the interior temp) and I can now see at any given moment how the MES controller swings from the setpoint. The swings however, tend to average out to the temp set point that I chose. I usually have to increase or lower the temp by 10 degrees or so to keep the temp swing from going too low or too high but once I find that sweet spot--typically within the first 20-30 minutes of smoking--it's just set-it-and-forget-it after that. For example, if my target temp is 235* I will typically set the MES therm at 225* and set the ET-733 to warn me if the temp swings down to 220 or up to 250.
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  19. grethomory

    grethomory Newbie

    You've got one here and using it right now as we speak.  Memorial Day didn't turn out as well, but we'll see how my chicken turns out this time.  Will give you an update!!!
  20. mnettsman

    mnettsman Newbie

    For the most part, love it.  I did purchase the "cold smoker" and it had to be replaced soon after purchase.  I waited for months, but the replacement unit is still working after several months.  I use a remote thermometer which seems to be a good idea.  The digital display, I have the unit with the one on the rear of the smoker, has lost a few bars.  Is it guaranteed for life?  I have had the unit for less than a year.  Does anyone know if they will replace it???

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