How Many Mes Owners Here?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ronp, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. dingbatdinah

    dingbatdinah Newbie

    thanks!!!  I have a built in meat thermometer, but not sure it was being reliable.  I will check it more closely next time.  I have another thermometer/timer too and used it when I was checking the loin, and it showed a higher temperature, so maybe the built in one isn't so reliable???  Still learning!!!  Thanks for the feedback.
  2. redheelerdog

    redheelerdog Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I have two in my MES also.

    The advantage of the Maverick is it has both a Meat and BBQ temp with a radio transmitter that you carry around with you in the house, where ever you go, watching the game or something else you always know the temp of your meat and your BBQ is.

    Smoke'm if you got'em!
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  3. dingbatdinah

    dingbatdinah Newbie

    hhmmm   guess I've got something new to put on my Santa list!!!  haha! My birthday is next month and my smoker was my gift to ME!!!  Yep, I'm worth it!
  4. paticao

    paticao Newbie

    newbie here!!!!!

    just want to say hello to everybody and say that i am pretty happy with my smoker!!! only had it for a weekend....

    got it for $149 which i think its a great price for this unit.

    Just did 2 racks of ribs and 1 chicken!!!!! after trying to get the ribs right on my gas grill im glad i bought this unit!!!

    Im a mes happy owner!!!

    Haven't gone through the whole forum yet. so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  5. thunder lite

    thunder lite Fire Starter

  6. redheelerdog

    redheelerdog Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

  7. txgunlover

    txgunlover Newbie

    I wanted to share my experiences with the new generation MES 40".

    The only items I use are the MES 40"  and a Maverick ET732.

    I definitely had my doubts about it after reading some reviews and posts here.  I can say, that overall, the unit has exceeded my expectations.

    I've had my unit since mid-July 2013 from Amazon, and have smoked 8 pork butts, 10 racks of baby backs, 2 chickens, 1 brisket, and a couple of meat loafs.

    With the exception of the brisket, which ended up braised and pulled apart, rather than being sliceable, my results have been excellent.

    Smoke: I've had no problems generating smoke with my MES 40.  My pan fits snuggly against the burner and a full load of wood loaded in the side caddy lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Certainly this requires more wood loading than if you used an AMNPS, but the smoke is consistent and the unit is well sealed, holding it in. I use water and apple juice in the liquid tray, and moisture hasn't been a problem (in fact it might be too moist as my brisket braised and fell apart on the rack).

    The #1 thing I wanted out of the MES 40" was temperature consistency.  Having smoked in 100 degree weather down to the low 40's I can say the unit does an amazing job maintaining the temperature range.  Unlike others, my thermostat appears to be matched to my Maverick ET732 within 3 degrees after preheating.  This is within my expectations for a unit sub-$300.  Having graphed the temperatures for several times now, if I set 225, the unit floats or jitters a maximum of between 216 and 234, so +/- of 9 degrees while smoking.  In my novice opinion, that's not a huge temperature differential.

    It does appear MES has some quality issues and variations, and I can't speak to how long mine will last, but for a nice looking, patio worthy sub $300 smoker, with lots of room, I'm very pleased with the unit. 

    For me, this is a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. 
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  8. Hi gang,

    This is my first post since joining the forum a while ago.

    Just purchased 30" MES cold smoker today. I already have a Cabelas 7 in 1 barrel hot smoker and a Big Chief cold smoker, both work great, just wanted to upgrade the cold smoker and couldn't pass up the price, $212 + free shipping from Amazon. Can't wait to fire this puppy up when I get it!

    I have learned a lot reading your posts, and the more you smoke, the more you learn.

    Thanks guys,

  9. I tested the meat probe in my MES 30 against a kitchen probe. There was a 15 degree .error. More testing showed that MES was right on and the other unit went in the trash.
  10. fiscalo

    fiscalo Newbie

    I wish I was as lucky as you Americans. I am Dutch, living in Thailand. Here, besides maybe in Bangkok, it is impossible to buy any smoker at all. My brother-in-law made mine from an old barrel. Even to get a good thermometer was difficult. I have a Maverick now. Imported from the US.

    I am lucky there is a German company from where I can buy all the herbs, spices, brine salt and Bleech woodchips and sawdust. Otherwise smoking here is impossible. The brandname for the products is "Indasia". They have selling points all over the world.

    If somebody has an old smoker, don't give it away please, I am willing to pay the shipping costs!!
  11. Just purchased mine last week, will be taking it out of the box today.  MES 40", along with the Amaz-n-Pellet Smoker 5 X 8, and a set of 2 REC-TEC Grilling Pads.

    I bought mine from Amazon (see link below), and it is the 2013 model, with some of the newer features that someone mentioned here.

    I bought it because of the posts I saw here along with the recommendations of adding the Amaz-n-Pellet Smoker box to make it actually smoke long and hard.

    Here's The Amazon link:

    I will be sure to post more of my opinions after using it for a bit, later on down the line. 

    Gawd I hope this whole setup works like I want it to! [​IMG]
  12. thunder lite

    thunder lite Fire Starter


    As an owner of the same model, I would recommend that after you season it and before you start your first smoke, you use a Maverick or other external thermometer to verify the temperatures on the different racks. The racks can be at very different temps and some of the MES 40's seem to vary from the temperature set point, while others do not.


  13. I do indeed have a maverick and plan on using it during my first smoking, and I plan on doing my very first smoking tomorrow (11/16/2013 "A day that will live in infamy")

    I seasoned the smoker as per the instructions and I got somewhat confused by the remote readings.  According to the instructions, the remote shows the meat probe temp (IT meat temp), when the meat probe button is pressed and held down,, but when it is released,, I get two readings, usually different from the probe temp.  i.e. Probe temp when held down reads 268 and then when released the temp reading flashes 275 then some where between 260 and 295 and then back to 275 for several times.

    What kind of data am I seeing there??

    Granted I won't be doing my first smoking at 275,,, prolly more like 240-250 for however long it takes to get the IT to 145.  (and for those wondering,, pork loin)[​IMG]

    One more question about the placement of the 5 X 8 AMNS box,,,, any of you have a preferred placement for it while it does its job??  Bottom rack, mid rack, top rack, front left, front right, back left, right,,, (upside down??!!!)[​IMG]

    Will post more when I get done tomorrow! Pics included!
  14. thunder lite

    thunder lite Fire Starter

    Regarding the readings, from what I can tell, when the "Meat Probe" button is held down, that's the reading from the meat probe. When it is released, the display shows the set temp and the actual or chamber temp that the chamber probe is reading. At least, when I compare the displayed values to my Maverick values, that seems to be what it's doing.

    As for the placement of the AMNPS, I follow Todd's advice and place it on the drip rail above the drip pan and make a foil tent over it. I remove the drip pan and place a 8x8 foil pan under the opening. picture

    I then have the chip tray open a little over an inch and then open the chip loader 2 inches and turn it so the opening is down. There's pictures in another thread.

    Good smoking to you!

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  15. Mid Smoke Update, first time smoking with this MES40-2012!

    Ok,, I LOVE the way this thing holds it's temp.  Coming from a stick burner that needs 2 people to babysit it, this thing will make it so I can do it by myself and not have to call a buddy over to help tend a fire.

    Ok,,, first pictures:

    And if you look REEEEALLY close you can see my reflection in the glass![​IMG]


    And now about midway thru the cooking...

    AND this is what I get when I leave the pellets in the bag on the back porch overnight...[​IMG]

    I had no smoke coming from the AMPS even though I followed the instructions.  I am pretty sure the pellets were "moist" from sitting outside overnight.  Couldn't get them suckers to smoke for much more than a few minutes even though I torched them like 4 times.

    I would like to say though,,, the design is not at fault.  Tom's gadget WILL work, I am positive it will.  Today was simply operator error (i.e. I messed up)

    When I left the smoker to post this, the IT of the loin was 144, and the smoker temp was 240+/-

    I will post more after I remove the loin and then once more after I slice it up for my 96 year old dad!

    More pics to come today!
  16. As promised,, MORE PICS!!!

    The reveal after sitting for 35 minutes wrapped and drenched in BBQ Sauce!

    And now for the first cuts!

    All sliced up!

    Ok.  Now for my techniques and impressions.

    Smoked the loin seen above till it hit an IT of 150F degrees.  Figured it would be a good midway point between old and new USDA temps so I couldn't really go wrong with it.  After about half way thru the cooking progress, I gave up on trying to keep the pellets smoldering, and just decided to babysit the smoker and added small amounts of apple wood chips and the oak pellets I couldn't keep smoldering into the chip slider/loader thingy (technical names,, I know.. hehehe).  Once my Maverick started beeping at 150IT, I pulled it out of the smoker, basted it with the BBQ Sauce my dad likes, then wrapped it in heavy foil and a thick towel for 35 minutes.

    You can see the results above.


    The smoker itself seemed to run like a champ.  It did look like it would fluctuate in temp 10-15 F degrees from my set temp of 250.

    I got a large learning curve to figure out the way to cook MY style in my new toy.

    The outside of the loin is tough and dads dentures are no too keen on chew thru that,, BUT the center of the loin IS very tender,, but pretty dry.

    No smoke ring, and according to my Dad,,,, no smoke taste, even though the entire neighborhood smells of smoke, including my clothes and hair.


    I got a LOT to work on before I am back to where I was in skill level I had with my offset stick burner.  BUT I feel I have the basis of a great smoking setup that I can use whenever I PERSONALLY want to and not have to call an army to drag the stick burner out and a crew to help tend the fire.

    I will keep you updated as I learn more!
  17. thunder lite

    thunder lite Fire Starter

    With the AMNPS, you may want to try opening the exhaust vent completely and open the chip tray (above the heating element) an inch or so and leave the chip loader extended 2 inches and turned down. Without doing those 3 things, there is not enough air flow through the unit to keep the AMNPS burning. The MES is sealed pretty tightly.

  18. macaddicted

    macaddicted Newbie

    Found the Gen I 40" I ordered impeding entry into my house on Wednesday. Thanks UPS. Still haven't found time to set it up. Coming from a char-grilled offset barrel smoker.

    First up is tri-tip with mesquite. Eventually.
  19. Agreed, the MES is sealed very tightly.  I didn't have have the time to explore you placement and settings while it was 250 degrees but the next time I smoke (next week), I am going to try a few of your suggestions.

    I am just curious,, has anyone ever designed a pellet/chip feeder the works with the chip loader hole for the MES?  A feeder system somewhat like that used in regular pellet grills?? Using the chip tray as the heat source rather than the regular heat source provided by a standard pellet smoker feeder system?

    Just a thought...
  20. domapoi

    domapoi Smoke Blower

    HAVEN'T FOUND THE TIME TO SET IT UP!!!!! [​IMG]      Your not worthy of this thread!!!![​IMG]

    JUST KIDDING!!! [​IMG]to the wonderful world of MES owners

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