How Many Licks Does it Take...

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Five came off at 16 hours, one took 17.5 hours.
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Last fundraiser I did back in October I was letting it go cheap. $20 for 3lb vac bags, sold everything I had. I did discover that 3lbs was great portioning amount. As I built sandwiches, when I got down to 8-10 sandwiches worth I'd just cut the corner off a vac bag and pop it in the microwave then into the chafing dish once hot.
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Nice! Bet those were great! Now ya got me I can fit 16 or more in my smokehouse.....Hmmmm.....the fire dept. no longer does their July 4th fund raiser.....and people are still craving butts.....That'd be a quick $4-500 bucks!
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