How long for a fatty?

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Hello Carl,
I usually put the fatty in for about 3 hours at about 225-250*. After an hour and a half, I turn it over. Have always turned out great. And by the way, I didn't use a rub. Some others may have better info on the rub.

And speaking of time in the smoker, I use a digital (Taylor) thermometer and measure the internal temp of the sausage. About 150 - 160* will take care of the doneness queation. Good eats!!!
A fatty is the perfect way to test a new rub. Think about it, the meat does not cost that much, and if it comes out horrible...You will not mind throwing it out.

I have NEVER thrown out a fatty for a bad rub.
Hi Carl,

I believe we have the same smoker.

I did mine without the water pan so it was hotter. I didn't think it would matter with the sausage, maybe it does.

Anyway, I did it for only an hour on each side.

Used my instant read thermometer after 2 hours and it was at 170, so I guess that was still too long.

If you didn't use the water pan, 45 minutes on a side would probably do it.

Make sure you take a reading though.

Happy belated birthday by the way :D
Rule of thumb for any ground meat product is to get the internal temp above 160*. Using a probe type thermometer is great for this. Depending on how hot your run your smoker, it can take as little as 1.5 hours or 3 hours.

Big Willy, These fatties will take care of those kind of "fatty" muchies for ya!! :mrgreen: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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