How long can I keep a brisket in the cooler after the smoke?

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Jul 1, 2012
Atlanta area
I just smoked a 13.5 pound brisket overnight. This has been the fastest brisket in history for me. I am already at 185 internal temp and about to check to see how tender it is so I can pull it from the smoker. Thing is, it has been just under 12 hours for the smoke time so you can imagine I was not planning on the brisket finishing this soon. I kept my temps at 235 or less the entire time and it is only 815 in the monring. Now I don't mind eating brisket this early but I don't think the family is that thrilled with the idea so I plan on keeping it in the cooler for a while. I usually do that anyway but I usually only let it sit in there for one or two hours before pulling it out and carving it up. Since we will now be eating a big lunch vs dinner would it hurt anything to let it sit in the cooler for four or five hours? If not should I take it out of the cooler and reheat it another way and if so what is the best way to reheat it. Thank you for the help and I apologize for the grammar, I have not had my coffee yet. 

Craig, A full Packer will easily hold 5 hours wrapped well. Foil with some pan juices or beef broth, then towels to fill the air spaces in the cooler and you will be fine...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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