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Original poster
Jun 15, 2007
Wilmington, Delaware USA
Hi Gang,

Feeling like I was possessed, I purchased Alder wood for no particular reason to use with a turkey breast and BB ribs for Thanksgiving.  Has anyone used this wood and how do you feel it would work for these meats?


OK, thanks... seems fish, especially Salmon, is a favored meat for this type of wood.  My guests are not fond of heavy smoke flavor, such as Hickory so maybe I'll be OK in this case.  I'm just debating on scrapping the Alder all together and using Apple.
Like others I prefer to use Alder on seafood or cold smoking cheeses.  Apple is delicate and will probably satisfy your guests, but for me the best wood for ribs is Pecan.....not too heavy but a bit more smokey than Apple.  Gives a great color to the bark as well.
Alder is great on fish and poultry. We just cleared 10 acres for cow pasture that was mainly alder. I need to go get a couple trailer loads of it before it snows and gets torched off.
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