How I stopped evaporation and insulate during SV cook.

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Dec 16, 2018
Today is my first long cook using SV. Recipe calls for 180 temp for 10 hours cooking corned beef. Started 5;30 am and was surprised over 1 qt evaporated within a hour. Had some bubble wrap laying around and two layers pretty much stopped all evaporation and really slowed down heat transfer. Iv seen the ping pong ball trick but most people have some of this laying around.


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Standard food-safe storage containers are not big enough for a full-sized pork loin so I made a Sous-vide cooking container out of a small cooler with a piece of closed cell foam cut to tightly fit the top opening of the cooler. The bridge piece of foam between the back of the circulator and the cooler wall helps to minimize evaporation.


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Wow, these are all great ideas. Post like these is why SMF is such a great place to learn.
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End evaporation
Menards container / lid about $8
You told me about the 20 pt $8 years ago with a gasket seal. It totally changed cleaning as well. You can see your! food, wrap in a towel around the gasketed conainer on the floor for more insuation, if you want. The best is the hard water doesn't stick and bind like metal vessels. Best container suggestion yet. It's got a gasket! If you use pellets for smoke, also put in a sterilite gasketed tote with a dessicant to soak up humidity. I do. Awesome, cheap and brilliant.
i got this Everie container off Amazon. Had to cut the slot bigger for my SV. The sleeve helps with temp retention and long cooks with very little water loss.
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