How fires are built, in Texas, in their smokers...

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Interesting Video!!
The Catties look Great.
Catfish has always been By Far my Favorite Eating Fish, even back in the 50s when I think my family was the only ones in Pennsylvania admitting to eating Catfish. Everybody up here said, "Ewww--You eat Catfish???"
However the first thing I always do with a Catfish is Skin it.
Catfish skin is like thick rubber, like a Wetsuit.
I was glad to see it fell off in this video, later, but it would be better to remove it first IMHO. And they are soooo Easy to Skin.

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Boy that the easy way to skin catfish. Going to have to try that. I have some friends that go noodling for them. Tried get me do it and said no way. They have had some close calls.
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That's pretty cool, but that smoker would have to become a dedicated catfish smoker. I would not want to put any other meats in there as the fish smell will hang around.

And I still think I'd prefer to clean em and fry em.
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Easier to do with a bigger fire. Patio size offsets need some help to keep burning with minimal fuel. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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