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How do I tell when a 25 lb skinned suckling wild pig done ?


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First off I didn't skin it !

My buddy shot this little wild pig he skinned it and cut it's head off.

them he bring it to me and asks me to smoke it for a party.

I have no idea how to get after this little hoglet.

Any and all help would be much appreciated.

I'm also gonna throw on a 12 lb pork butt just in case I mess up this little squeaker.

Please help me out , I need to have these done by 6:30 Thursday night so I might butterfly the pork butt to speed up the cooking time.

I'm gonna smoke it at 265 with peach and sugar maple and apple wood.



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We need Q-view to see what you're working with and your set-up...


chef willie

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Here's a link might give ya some input. Me?? personally I'm very leery of wild anything that hasn't been frozen for a month or so. Look up parasites in the search bar for more info. These wild critters can be loaded with them and, of course, once you ingest them they start to multiply in your belly. So, screw that in my opinion.....but, that's just me.....many on here and everywhere else just do it with no harm, no foul....but, you got a party going on with guests...dicey. Again, just my city boy opinion......Willie

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I will get pictures on my wifes smart phone , I might need to send them to someone to help me get them posted.

I'm an old redneck that can't even text a picture on my flip phone.

I decided I'm going with a greek style rub with lots of garlic and Oregano , lemon, sea salt and rosemary on the hoglet !

On the 9lb butt I'm going for a simple garlic and chili rub cooked over Oak wood for some killer street tacos with pico de gio cilantro and sweet white onions with some homemade guac.

I have the pinto beans with wild hoglet ham hock and garlic and jalapeno cooking down right now.

We are having a few friends over Thursday night to enjoy some good beer and cheap wine and  hopefully good food.

The butt I'm cool with the hoglet has me thinking a little too much.

I guess I need to go by smell and feel on this one.

Chuck the thermometer into the drawer and just go with what feels good.

Qview to come with a little help from my smoking meat brothers.



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I agree with Chef Willie, I would be leery of a truly wild hog. The farmed "wild" hog are much safer.

With that being said, cooker her like a pork butt. Take it to 200-205 for some pulling. Truthfully, you won't have much meat on such a small pig.

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