How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. OOOOhhhhh K, Back to what the thread is about. Obviously some people don't read directions and are to facebooked out to know how to use a BBS.

    Well I started off with my name on Bomberonline, a snowboarding forum. Warren Millers "Snow Riders 1&2 are my favorite snow movies so I took the name. I use it on just about every forum I register for. No matter what the site is about for easy logins. Creative huh?
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    there are some interesting stories behind the names here Steve......but now you will have to unsubscribe again after responding.
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  4. Mine came about due to my 2 businesses.  1st I am a computer service engineer and 2nd a commercial photographer.  Both just seemed to click!
  5. no one else had it .......
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  6. I have worked several different types of aircraft while serving in the Air Force. My favorite and the most versatile in my honest opinion is the Lockheed martin C-130 Hercules. This was my first airframe to turn wrenches on and the last aircraft i turned wrenches on. It is widely considered the "Mightyherc" in the aircraft mechanic community, hence my handle.
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    Never got to see the C-130 Hercules. The only fixed winger that ever landed in my Base Camp in Vietnam was the Caribou. That thing could land on a dime. They laid sheets of steel on the ground for them to land on.

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    Well, up here in Northern California, we get a lot of forest fires, almost everybody hunts and fishes, everybody loves smoked meats and local Salmon, and being part of the "Emerald Triangle" almost everybody smokes things that get you very hungry.  Ukiahsmokes seemed like the perfect name that pretty much covers our area and local sensibilities. It's great to learn things from everybody, and to keep up with this smokin hot world!
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    Most of my jumps were from C130's.....quite a versatile aircraft with a long lifespan 

    jumped from 123 caribou's I recall for a long time they were all that could land at An Khe due to the mountains
  10. My wife and I have two Shiba Inu's.  When they play, it sounds like they are fighting.  Here's a shot of them for those that don't know what they look like.

    This is what I get home to every day after work.
  11. Back in the day of being young and single, I was a beer salesman for a craft brewery. I got married and got two golden retrievers instead of kids and the natural name for them was, wait for it, Hops and Barley. The names rolled off the tongue as one word and so when I needed a company name later for a consulting firm and for an Xbox Live name, there was one ready made for me. I have used it for almost everything since. Wife and eventual kid stepped in and stopped the naming trend so our two Goldens we have now are Clyde and Finnegan, instead of Lager and IPA.
  12. I suppose I didn't put much thought into it actually since this is my very first "screen name"...ever. My business was called Allegro so I went with that. It means moving at a quick pace...which is actually so opposite of everything about smoking...oops!
  13. Well... I've been Gray Headed Mule for about 15 years now. Playing basketball at lunch to try to get myself in better shape at age 47 I had a guy call me an old mule. Well I am gray headed and he started calling me the Gray Headed Mule. Some call me GHM others call me Mule for short.
  14. I am from CANada. (The 2nd part should be obvious!)
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    I think this is a great thread and a good idea you had for asking this.. We all gotta be enjoying this one to some degree or another...Skyclad simply means "naked to the sky", and believe me this is a name that I came up with MANY years ago when I was much younger and a lot more adventuresome.. Hell, now I just enjoy the memories of what all went on back in those days of "youthful indiscretion" and the trouble that I somehow avoided.. Sure was a lot of fun at the time, but don't think that's gonna happen much anymore.. First off, I don't wanna scare anybody to death, and second..........I now get lots of my enjoyment from firing up the smoker! Life sure changes as you get older, but that's not always a bad thing..... I'm just glad to still be here, considering everything....:)
  16. That make at least two of us from Canada here, I live west of you, if get past the Grand river, you've gone too far.

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  17. My callsign in the Air Force...
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    beautiful dogs!!
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    Smokey Bill my name is Bill when i am done smoking every one tells me i smell smokey

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