How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. Etouffee - In French it means Choke or Smother. In Cajun French it is a type of food and it is usually smothered in sauce. Although that's all well and good, for me is my dogs name.

    When we lived in Dallas my wife and I got a dog, not long after we met but before we were married. Because my wife is from South Louisiana many of the people we knew chimed in with Cajun names for the dog and Etouffee stuck. Back in 96 when I first starting getting on line I needed a name so I borrowed his. To this day I have never had a problem signing into a forum or a game using that name. Etouffee made 2 moves with us, From Dallas to Houston in 94 and from Houston to New Iberia in 2002. 

    Etouffee lived 17 years and was a very loving and loyal dog and we miss him very much but his name will live with my on the Internet until I pass away :) It is his photo I am using. 
  2. Fusionpuddle I'm a student welder have always enjoyed welding (watch the puddle and fuse metals together) volia :)
  3. Well, it's like this. I built and ride a VW Trike (2005). Online name is Triker Red. People just call me Triker so there ya go. Here's a Pic as it sits now. When you build it yourself, It's never finished.

    That's Ol' Yeller in the background. 1972 GMC
  4. bredbaker

    bredbaker Fire Starter

    Before I discovered the joys of smoking and grilling my Dad made all our bread every few weekends.  I loved making it, and now, long after he is gone, I continue making bread using his recipe he perfected in 1960.  Everyone I know loves the bread (it's a challah, an egg based white bread) and I enter bread competitions all over the Northwest.  So, for years I have always been known as Bredbaker.  I leave the "A" out of bread because most of the time that name is taken on forums, so it's become a tradition of sorts.

    My bread makes a good bun, which in turn makes for a killer base for my pulled pork.
  5. maple sticks

    maple sticks Smoking Fanatic

    With sugar maple the main tree in my area and being a good wood for smoking I use it in my home made smoker. We also have a lot of apple & cherry trees but most always use maple.
  6. Goingcamping...Pretty self explanatory!I live in Colorado and our camping season (for us anyway) is from March-October (Sometimes November). My family and I camp and boat almost ever weekend. We are fully set-up to camping all winter, but it's too cold for the wife! Our camper is set-up to be fully self contained with a heated basement, dual batteries, generator and insulating pleated shades.Go prepared or go home is our creed!~Brett
  7. If




    Some   = IYSMSMITY





        Hey yall,

    Years and years ago when my parents would take the kids to

    Knotts Berry Farm in so cal there was a frontier saloon you

    could go into and get a root beer or sasafras and on the giant

    glass mirror behind the bar was a small plaque that was

    inscribed with WYBMADIITY.  Every time some one would ask

    the bar tender what does that mean? he would give the

    answer "will you buy me a drink if I tell you" I always thought

    that was clever cuz it was an answer in a question.  So thats

    my screen name.
  8. frostop

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    Well when  I was in High School I would shower in the morning and head out the door and walk to school, during the winter months my hair would freeze on the way to school, that and my last name is Frost. So it became my nickname and has stuck and I've used it as a screename on several forums!!
  9. pgsmoker64

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    Wow, this thread was dug up from the old days!

    Mine is simple....I live in Prince George, Virginia...PG  I love smoking meat...Smoker....was born in 1964...64...thus PGSmoker64.  Like I said, simple but effective!
  10. Hey Deer Meat. I got my handle smoked.mullet because my uncle actually smoked that fish and sold them to tourist in Orlando Florida. It was a tasty treat that a lot of seasoned fishermen only looked upon as bait. Ha!
  11. wes w

    wes w Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I lurked here for several years.   Seemed like a straight up group of guys and gals.   I just used my name.   I like the simple things in life. 
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  12. When I was a baby around 2or3 my dad,uncle,and moma were working in the family garden and my uncle saw me eating the beetle bugs off the potatoes that's how I got the name TATERBUG!so really I'm the original one,had that for 40 years now.
  13. well I belong to E Clampus Vitus other wise known at the Clampers and I happen to be the CEO of Doctor Samuel Gregg George Chapter 1855. I use Clamperceo for a lot of things on the net. becausse it confuses people that dont know about us and it lets those who do know what I am.  So if there are any REDSHIRTS out there What say the Brethern?
  14. saugeyejoe

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    While fishing under dream bridge on Indian lake I snagged a monster saugeye. Didn't get it in the boat and was made fun of for hours. Friends called me Saugeye Joe ever since.
  15. evab

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    Mine is simple, my first name with my last name Initial. I need to keep it to something I can remember, easily! I have fibromyalgia which makes for brain fog, and loss of memory. There are whole years and decades that are so fogged up that I don't really remember what I was doing for most of it!
  16. no peek n

    no peek n Smoke Blower

    Got mine from trying to learn( redneck Jethro slang) other folks how to start to smoke "Low & slow" and all they did was keep opening the D***m door and lid to see what was going on inside...If Your Lookn, You Aint Kook'n.  No Peek 'N
  17. last name is Loebsack............ear- loeb  paper-sack........earpaper
  18. evab

    evab Newbie

    @ no peek n,

    tell them to get a glass doored smoker, it won't help them see what's happening, but they will be able to see (well that is relative) what's going on inside! :)[​IMG]
  19. Mine is due to the fact that I've been disorganized all my life, and back in the day, file names and such were  limited to 8 characters. So... Dsorgnzd.
  20. I have had periods like that but they were self imposed indescretions.[​IMG]

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