How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. My given name is Ross Hill but I seem to share that with many others so for lack of anything better I just typed in ssorllih because forward or backward I am still the same.
  2. jarjarchef

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    Well that would depend on if we were having a good day or a bad day...... You know how it goes being a boss and having to insure the proper quality of product goes out. You will never be everyone's buddy every day....... I mostly get a good reaction when I go back.

    The main guy behind the nick name and I had a falling out. I called him out on some false military service claims. It touched a nerve in me and it was never the same.

    But I created this account before the falling out and did not change it..... Besides I do have a way of speaking my mind and starting interesting discussions........:biggrin:
  3. bigpop

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    Bigpop is my "Grandpaw" name!
  4. Got mine on the Fire Department from my brothers, part for being a professional fireman and I built a smoker for Station 13 West Metro fire! The guys loved smoked chow. I worked with 2 professional hunters who had hunted around the world, so I have some strange meats on my smoker.......most pretty good!
  5. spec

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    Kind of a funny story...But maybe not...I was raised by my grand parents...My Grandfather was an "Ops" instructor. Career man GunnySGT.  every school vacation I was at a base somewhere or in the wilderness doing survival training... and I got out of school often...I was the only kid I knew that had a PT. obstical course and a 1000 meter gun range in our back yard...

    I got the nick name "Special Operations" in the 5th grade after I brought in a T.O.W. missile launcher, spent rockets complete with home movie and a home movie of anti aircraft drone training  showing what I did last summer...It was derrogotory at first...But it was better than being called army surplus...Since most of my clothes right down to my jump boots  came from the PX...Like I said...I got to leave school often...Calling me army surplus got you a serious asskicking...

    I always had grenade,Tow missile simulators  to play with and blow stuff up...and get into trouble with So special ops I got older it got shortened to just Spec

    No more blowing stuff up and my "OPS" days over It's just plain old Spec...
  6. I've worked in the cardiac cath lab for the last 20 years, so...cathlabscott.
  7. Mine is just family history. When my Grandfather came to this country he did the two things he knew best from his home (Azore Islands)  Home made wine and linguica. He did both well but he drank most of the wine himself and fed me the linguica. That's a Portagee for you.
  8. pablo09

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    Not to intresting here..My name in spanish,came up with it in 2009...Bingo..
  9. No exciting story it is simply my Business name after my two sons Karl and Scott = Karscot
  10. appwsmsmkr1

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  11. Hi a few years back I worked in a distribution warehouse and the crew there nicknamed me Po but dependin on what department I was in depended what Po I was for example if I was a stock rotator I was Potator ,if I was Picking orders on the floor I was Popicker if I was in dispatch i was Pospatcher but my fav was when I was in charge of the Christmas Hams then I was POHAMMER  

    so I developed the name for most of the thins I do.

    Hence why i am Pohunter atm, ive also been known as Pofisher.

    However im only very new to smoking and I dont feel confident to be Posmoker as yet but i am sure i will get there
  12. salchichero

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    I guess mine is kind of boring too. My wife is from the Dominican Republic and of course a native Spanish speaker. So, ever since I started on my crusade of sausage making and meat curing, she has called me "el salchichero", or the sausage guy.
  13. swamphunter54

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    Most of my life I always hunted in the swamp grounds and I was born in 54.  so swamphunter 54 it is.
  14. I am new to MSF but have been a fan of Jeff Phillips for a few years- ever since someone gave me a smoker- a Super King by Brinkman. But Jeff finally convinced me to join up in the forum- and I am glad I did. I just chose my name cause I am a minister and it sounded sort of funny- Smokin Pastor! But the only kind of smokin I do is meats!!!
  15. smoke happens

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    "it" happens, what can I say. I also enjoy smoking cigars..... What, no creativity awards?
  16. The name of my sea vessel or my 14' Lund. Dont know why ever since I have been referred to as the Lostleader.

    DC 33
  17. sawyer

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    mine isnt so fancy, Its my sons name , I normaly go with my name Ian P. but i thought what the heck.
  18. smokerva - pretty simple, I like smoking food and I live in VA. I was actually going for vasmoker, like my cooking e-mail is but I guess someone has that already. Oh well...
  19. Mine is kinda simple. I'm a golf professional, director of instruction and the man behind the grill at a small course in Ca....Parman.
  20. lakestral

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    My screen name is Lakestral. I started out with Kestral, but on some sites that was already in use so I went with added la (lady) to it, not many people have used that. That was years ago and I still use it.

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