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Hot spot

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by Rmartinez2, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Kevin, I think you’ll be happy with either PB Austin XL or Pro Series 1100 purchase... The hard part is just convincing Yourself to pull the trigger on the purchase... If You do decide to go with the Pro Series 1100, make sure you go over the Grill completely to make sure all the screws and fittings are secured correctly.. Sometimes, when others assemble items, the attention to detail will not be same as your own. As for the SD HD Wood Burning Heat Diffuser, I think it’s a great product, but as I also posted, “One Size” does not always fits all... Even with the size of the PS 1100, it’s going to be a tight fit. To prevent problems, it would be a good idea to reach out to SmokeDaddyinc first by phone and tell them your grills brand, size and dimensions and have them trim the base of the heat diffuser by at least 1 inch and the top of the diffuser by 1/2 inch before you buy it. Every Brand and type of Pellet Grill will come in different sizes, so while 1100 sq inches of grilling space sounds like a lot, the grill itself is not huge as far as depth. Adding the Heat Diffuser solves the hot spot issues that many End User are having and being able to add true wood smoke flavor to your bbq is a true added plus that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Good luck with your decisions and post back your results.

    PB Austin XL in SoCal and Always... Semper Fi
  2. Hi Kevin, just a forewarning before I say anything but I have had my pit boss 1100 pro series for about 2 months total I think and new to pellet grilling...so take what I say I guess with a grain of salt....

    First of all....LOVE my Pit Boss. Really can't compare it to Traegers or any other brands because I've never used them but what can I say? The grill works, has lots of nice features and the food is coming out delicious. I purchased mine at Lowes and opened a store card that offered 100 dollars off your first purchase plus the grill was on sale so picked it up for 450. Compared to prices of Traegers, I guess I felt that was a good deal. I built it at home myself and the thing is heavy and feels pretty sturdy. I think after a couple months of cooking on my grill and a lot of great advice from people on this forum...I'm thinking I'm figuring out the ins and outs of how this grill works and just keep loving it more and more! I've been experimenting a lot with cheap cuts of meat to test different ways of cooking and have been starting to have lots of success.

    As for the hot spots...these guys have given me advice that just has worked and I dont think I need any heat diffuser or make adjustments to my grill.
    I have been playing with grill basically and having fun....some have been successes (first baby back ribs were amazing) others...not so much (cornbread in a cast iron skillet plus forgetting to check it equals a large black hockey puck). I think if you decide on a Pit Boss I don't think you'll be disappointed. I'm a researcher when I'm about to pull the trigger so to speak on a large purchase and I really haven't found a whole lot of negative reviews and I certainly won't be one to add to them. If you get one I just don't think you'll be disappointed. Hope this helps somewhat with your decision!
  3. Thanks for the info Lucas. I just pulled the trigger and placed the order about an hour ago. Got the Pro Series 1100 which should be delivered on Saturday. I can't wait!
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  4. Awesome! Well enjoy! I don't think you'll be disappointed!
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    Just an update...I cooked 4 racks of ribs on my Pit Boss PS 1100 over the weekend after removing the stock diffuser. The grill maintained very even temperatures from right to left. The grill's digital readout (left side), the analog dial (center) and my Maverick probe (placed at the right) all stayed within about 20 degrees of each other throughout the cook. The hot spot in the middle was negligible but i was cooking at low temps.
  6. So I've convinced myself that I don't need to remove or add anything to my Pitboss. I completed cooking a brisket that I placed over the fire pot and managed to have a very delicious and tender brisket as an end result! Not sure about everyone else but I think I'm starting to learn the Pitbosses nuances and with that I'm having some very successful results! My advice if it's worth anything would be to play around and experiment (with not so expensive cuts of meat) and see what happens. Truly the saying of good barbeque comes from lots of bad barbeque certainly seems to apply....in my case anyway!