Hot & Fast Pulled Pork Question

Discussion in 'Pork' started by thrifty token, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. thrifty token

    thrifty token Smoke Blower

    In summary: Jeff's recommendation was to smoke for 3 hrs at 225 and then finish in the over at 325 until a 205 internal temp is reached.

    Question:  Can this process be done in reverse?  Oven for a bit first, then smoke?  Anyone ever started a Boston Butt in an oven then transferred to a smoker?

    I have an ECB, so I cannot leave it unattended.  A morning appointment has thrown a kink into my smoking plans.  Any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks.
  2. smoque daddy

    smoque daddy Newbie

    I would think starting it in the oven first, would form a crust preventing the smoke to get into the meat. Then again i'm just learning so i may be wrong.
  3. hpluseleven

    hpluseleven Newbie

    May be a bit late but ill try to help: my recommendation would be to get a few hours of smoke on it Friday night before bed, then wrap it and put it in the oven on low overnight. You can hold the meat in the oven or in a cooler with towels for several hours.

    But to directly address your question: I don't think oven before smoker will get you what you want. My understanding is that the meat really only absorbs smoke up to a certain temp (140?) but I've never tried what you're asking about.

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