Hoping for a good one

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Original poster
Jan 2, 2006
Just put the brisket on the ECB about two hours ago. I am really exicited for this one. I have been reading on this forum most every night getting valuble information, learning so much. Thanks to all!

Had a pretty good one happen about an hour ago. I have a pretty well travelled road about a quarter mile behind the house. I walked around front to throw some trash away and was greeted by two policeman standing right around the corner. Needless to say after I picked my stomach up off the ground I explained why people were seeing lots of smoke and fire from the road behind!!
Everyone got a good laugh!! Hope this is a good sign!!
Good luck with the brisket. I used to use and ECB and with a little work managed to turn out some pretty good chow. Welcome aboard and let us know how the brisket turns out.
Let's see, you posted at 5:21 am; you started your brisket 2 hours earlier so by figuring about 18 hours smoke time you should have had supper ready about 9:30ish. :D

Try starting one around 9:00 pm and pull an "all nighter" then after 18 hours wrap in hd aluminum foil and put in an insulated ice chest with pillows and towels and be ready to eat around 5-6 pm.
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