Honey BBQ Sticks

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Dec 25, 2010
Rineyville, KY
Finally able to make some fresh sticks for the grandsons instead of shipping.

Honey bbq 5.5 lbs ground beef and pork.

Cutting the pork butt. Slight trim.
Cover and freeze until just about solid.

First grind med plate.

Honey bbq mix and 1 cup water with cure added.

Combine meats (both were almost frozen.
Add mix and cure.
(I forgot that pic)

Grind mixed meat thru fine plate 1 time.
Cover and fridge over night. Might add eca tomorrow before stuffing.

They look great Rick! As they always do. Sure glad Snoopy smoker got to help!

Thanks y'all

After cutting im not vac sealing, with 2 mid teen grandsons here the sticks wont last long.
Aloha Rick,

What size casing did you use? Looks amazing btw! This is actually what made me get back on the forum again. I want to learn how to do snack sticks never did them before. I'll be reading and searching n hopefully learning. Thanks for posting your sticks they look awesome.

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