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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by craigbn, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. So this is the smoker so far. Cedar on the outside Maple on the inside, with propane burner.

    Few things left to do, build chip tray/water tray, weld a metal stand with fridge like dolly wheels, install a door seal, some how add a air intake in the lower part of the smoker, and more racks

    Let me know if theres something I should change or add as this is my first build ! Thanks 

  2. Looks good!

  3. sunman76

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    Cool cant wait to see it in ActonThumbs Up
  4. Im building the water tray now, how much water do i need at one time? is it possible to have to much water?
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  5. By the large quantity of responses, I guess I could just boil the meat
  6. gersus

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    Sorry Craig! Some use water but many don't. I haven't ever used water in a pan. I would give it a try without and see what you think.
  7. Use sand in the pan.
  8. Does that sand help to dissipate the heat? 

    I was thinking the water would help the wood construction of the smoker to last abit longer before it burns down!
  9. gersus

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    The sand helps hold heat and helps temps get back up to cooking temp after peeking in the door. 
  10. sunman76

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    [​IMG]...lol or you can add liquid smoke and boil them babys....[​IMG]     lol.

    sometime you made need to bump you post back up to the top so we can see it
  11. I didn't mean to come across rude I was trying to make a joke. The sand is a good idea, can I use sand from a sand bag? 
  12. sunman76

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    oh I know that made me laugh [​IMG]  yep just a bag of playsand will work
  13. smokinal

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    Home Depot sells it!
  14. Sweet   Thanks guys!
  15. sprky

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    Smoker [​IMG]. I use both sand and water in my smoker. Filled water pan 3/4 full of sand and covered with foil, this leaves a small area to catch any drips. I add a disposable foil pan of water on a rack above the sand. I feel the water adds moister therefor it helps in not drying the meat out. In all honestly I have done it with and without water and can't tell much difference, but there is some. 
  16. If you're only planning on cold smoking in your new (and great looking I might add) smokehouse, water isn't going to do you a bit of good.  Even if you're planning on hot smoking I would agree with the guys on using sand instead of water.  Makes a great thermal mass that helps hold heat when you open the door and doesn't need replenished.  If you do want to smoke something hot and want the steam, you can always use an aluminum pan full of water on one of the lower racks while still using the sand pan.

    Your build looks great!  Let us know how it works and post some q-view for us!

  17. So i got the gate valve done on the chimney, the chip pan done!
  18. And the dolly wheels done!  I think the build is probably up to 350lbs

  19. tjohnson

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    Very Cool!

    Let's see it in action


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