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  1. sierra

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    I might as well chime in:

    1. Been homebrewing for about 12 years off and on.
    2. Primarily Extract (always wanted to upgrade to all grain, but never had the time or money)
    3. IPA
    4. Bottles
    5. IPA, ESB, and other highly hopped varieties. I also enjoy a good hard cider. I was thinking about dusting off the carboys and making some cider the other day...
  2. How long have you been brewing?  Around 18 years

    All-grain or Extract?  I'm set up to do 12 gallon all grain batches but that doesn't mean I never brew a 5 gallon extract quickie.

    What was the last beer you brewed?  My kicked up version of American wheat.

    Bottle or Keg?  Keg for sure, I don’t miss washing all those bottles.

    Favorite Styles?  APA’s, Irish stout, and American wheat.
  3. Sierra, Check out this link and this will help you turn into an all-grain brewer in no time. http://hbd.org/cascade/dennybrew/ and this will show you how to build a cheap and easy batch sparge system. I use the same cooler, which is $16-20 at HD and the rest you can find at any local hardware store. Hope this helps.


  4. Check out this site and it will help you create your own cheap and easy batch sparge system. It's easy to do, even if your not too handy.


    Hope this helps. Cheers!

  5. matuz

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  6. 3 days
    Partial mash
    American amber ale
    5 liter kegs when it's ready

    Do I qualify as a brewer???
  7. I go the extra step and make moonshine. Actually it is too good to call moonshine. I have been incorporating the methods of my beer brewing friends into my mash making.
  8. bratrules

    bratrules Smoking Fanatic

    wow i cant believe i missed this thread!!!
    Ive been brewing for about 3 years

    All grain all the way its just to much fun!!

    A mock bock!!

    still bottling well actually tap-a-draft system but i cant wait to keg!!

    APA's and Most lagers and the list can go on. but am not a real fan of sours!!
  9. 10+ Years

    All-grain 10 Gal batches.                         

    Pumpkin Spice


    Everything. Sours & IPA's top the list.

    Creme Brulee Stout on deck!
  10. "Creme Brulee Stout on deck!"

    Let us know how this turns out. Is it a Southern Tier clone? My wife loves that beer.
  11. Yup.  I tried it last year traveling back east and had a nice chat with one of the brewers.  It has been on the brew schedule for a while but will get done.
  12. Creme Brulee Ingredients

    20.15 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) 79.0 %
    1.79 lb Barley, Flaked (1.7 SRM) 7.0 %
    1.79 lb Debittered Black Barley (Stout) (500.0 SRM) Grain 3 7.0 %
    84.47 g Warrior [17.20 %] - Boil 60.0 min Hop 5 95.0 IBUs
    0.00 oz Vanilla Extract (Bottling 5.0 mins) - Needs testing on a good imperial stout or milk stout.
    1.79 lb Milk Sugar (Lactose) (0.0 SRM) 7.0 %
    2.0 pkg American Ale II (Wyeast Labs #1272) [125.00 ml] with Starter.

    Beer Profile

    Est Original Gravity: 25.209 Plato
    Est Final Gravity: Between 10-12 Plato
    Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 11.5 %
    Bitterness: 95.0 IBUs
    Est Color: 42.9 SRM

    Mash temp: 153-154
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  13. Thanks Sour. I will make this someday.
  14. royc

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    I have 3 taps running, ready to keg Imperial (oak aged) stout, and a cream ale.Been brewing for 6 years.All grain.
  15. 2salty

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    At what alcohol content is it no longer considered beer?
  16. brian

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    I'm like most of you, all grain in a 3 keg set up, its modeled after the "tippy dump".  I mostly do red and brown beers in 10 gallon batches then split them 5 gallon and 5 gallon and use ale yeast in one and lager in the other.  one batch in 2 weeks the other in 3 months.  I keg everything, bottles are a pain in my opinion unless its for judging.  I built my keg-o-rater out of a chest freezer, a big one! it holds 4 Corney's 2 20lb CO2 and a 1/2 bbl Snakey.
  17. I started brewing about 17 years ago. Started out with extracts and specialty grains, then switched over to a small all-grain setup. I brewed in glass and bottled. Specialized in meads and English brown ales, and was a BJCP judge for a time. Pretty much stopped brewing for myself when my kidneys failed, and mostly teach others the joy of homebrewing, now, but still make brews with one of my students, and still enjoy a good ale from time to time. I also enjoy making liqueurs. My last brews were a simple mead made with orange blossom honey from a single orchard, a northern English brown ale, a "tangerinecello", and a couple of blackberry cordials.

    - tom
  18. Hi all,

    I am new to this forum but found out about it through a homebrew site i belong to called http://homebrewtalk.com. Funny thing is they have a Smoking forum there.

    Anyways I have been home brewing for the last for years, as with some of you I started with a Mr. Beer that I got for a Christmas gift. I have since swithced over to extract brewing with steeping grains. I however will be moving into a house in 3 months and will be switching over to all grain. YAY!!!!!!

    I currently bottle my beer but with my move I will be building a Keezer and starting to keg. I am planing on making this a 5 tap keezer running both CO2 and Nitro.

    The last beer I brewed was a Mocha Stout with real coffee and chocolate.

    I do not have a favorite style, as long as it is quality beer.
  19. mrh

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    Been brewing off and on since the mid eighties.  Started out using extracts with specialty grains and now do all grain.  Never have followed a style, been doing the mad scientist thing and have had some pretty good batches!  And some not so good lol.  Even have some cascade hops that I grow and use.

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