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  1. 21.5P starting gravity. Finishing volume was off.
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  2. bdawg

    bdawg Smoke Blower

    Been brewing since 2002 when my sister in law gave me a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas.

    Went AG shortly after.  Am now a BJCP judge (Master)  and working on the points for Grand Master (almost there).
  3. yummybbq

    yummybbq Newbie

    I've been homebrewing for about 9-10 years. I've been brewing extract with grains for most of that time. Got a Munich Helles that I need to bottle later today.
  5. uechikid

    uechikid Fire Starter

    How long have you been brewing?                     I've been brewing for 18 years.

    All-grain or Extract?                                          I brew all grain (except whan I brew Barley Wine).

    What was the last beer you brewed?                  I brewed 10 gallons of Pale Ale and 10 gallons of Snow Cap Clone on the same day.

    Bottle or Keg?                                                 I keg, bottling it a PITA.                                        

    Favorite Styles?                                                Pale Ales, Bitters Porters an Stouts.

    Here is a picture of my brewing setup.

  6. Nice set up. Welcome to SMF. Looks like we have some real experience joining. Nice to have you guys.
  7. What two better things do then brewing and smoking meats and cheese...they go together.

    I've been brewing on and off for 25 years.

    I both keg and bottle, I still like the bottles to bring to friends.

    Beers in the last 2 months have been Sierra Nevada Celebration clone, Steamer ale, Czeck pilsner

    I brew from extract and specialty grains.

    My preference is lagers and ales.

  8. Lager AND Ales? So you like all beer. Right on.  [​IMG]
  9. Yes I do.... Leave out athe wheats, spiced, lambics and that what I drink...OK I'll drink those too.:biggrin:
  10. ted

    ted Fire Starter

    Been brewing for 17 years, all grain, fave style(s) Bitter, Pale Ale,IPA, Porter/Stout. Last beer made was an Imperial Stout that will go into my HB clubs bourbon barrel and next week I am brewing a Bitter.
  11. Added 1 Indonesian vanilla bean to some vodka and let it sit for a week before adding it to the keg.  Roasty, a little sweet, vanilla, woody & robust. I added some move vodka to the vanilla bean and keeping it on hand incase I decide to add more. 
  12. processhead

    processhead Fire Starter

    How long have you been brewing? I have been brewing about 20 years.

    All-grain or Extract? The last 10 have be AG

    What was the last beer you brewed? I brewed a Bavarian Helles and a Dunkel Weitzen

    Bottle or Keg? Kegging exclusively now

    Favorite Styles? German lagers and wheat beers.

    I am brewing with a RIMS system and like the results I get. 
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  13. cricky101

    cricky101 Smoke Blower

    How long have you been brewing?: About five years

    All-grain or Extract?: All grain brew-in-a-bag. But I brew an occasional extract batch on a week night if I've got a free fermenter or a keg about to kick.

    What was the last beer you brewed?: A pretty standard IPA. Lots of summit and cascade hops. Will dry-hop this weekend.

    Bottle or Keg?: Keg. And I fill a few bottles from the keg once carbonated to take to friends.

    Favorite Styles?: On tap I usually have something hoppy (IPA), something dark (stout), something lighter (kolsch or cream ale) and a wheat or Belgian. So those are my favorite styles, but there are a lot of different types of each style so there are a lot of variations between one IPA and another, or one stout and another.
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  14. This is my first post here on the forum and was pleasantly surprised to see a hombrew section.  I do all grain with a mash tun, BIAB on the stove top and an extract brew here and there.  I just love beer and can get good results from pretty much any method at this point.

    Right now I have a Scottish 80 and a English style Barleywine fermenting; a American Barleywine, a Kolsch and a Flanders Red in secondaries for aging/lagering; and a wonderfully drinkable California Common on tap.  Also got a Smoked Imperial Stout, a IIPA and a oddly pleasant Smoked Wheat beer in bottles.  Look forward to chatting with you all.
  15. Took my first step today in homebrewing. Bought the joy of homebrewing 3rd edition today and after next payday ill have my beer kit. Really looking forward to brewing my own beer. Going to start with something simple like a brown ale as I think my wife might enjoy that as well.
  16. I have been brewing for about a year now. I brewed 2 extract batches and went straight to all-grain. My last beer I brewed was a gumball head clone which should be ready when I get back from vacation today. I also started to keg after the first 2 extract batches. My favorite style is an IPA.
  17. smokinbrew

    smokinbrew Fire Starter

    Homebrewers! Been brewing about 2 years. Both all grain and extract. Last beer was a holiday ale. ( I have a 1 year old, I have not had much time to brew:biggrin:). I keg and bottle. Styles... I love lagers. In general, all lagers. But, I really appreciate beer "in season". Why is it beer and smoking meat goes together? And why does beer taste better while standing next to a grill or smoker? :yahoo:
  18. Cool to see all the Smokers & Brewers!   Started brewing 1.5 years ago with 2 other guys from work. Hard to split a keg between 3 guys so we bottle. :) We mostly use bombers which helps shorten the bottle time. Besides, whoever drinks just one? ;)  Have not ventured to all-grain yet but hope to get there in the next year. We have enough equipment to brew 2 batches at once so it helps to have 3 of us. We do it at my house since we have a big gas range, 2 sinks and tons of counter space. We brewed on the 3rd of July - a whiskey barrel stout and a Belgian style Caramel Wit. They are in the carboys now. They both smell and taste fantastic! Our favorite so far has been a Black IPA which has been a huge hit among friends.  We did a double batch of that last time. We even doubled the amount of dry hops and.... wow!

    We are thinking of adding a shot of good whiskey per gallon to our stout right before we bottle.  Any thoughts on doing that?  Actually we'll only do that to half the beer just in case it doesnt work out...

  20. I made three very good batches of beer about ten years ago. I kinda got too busy to keep doing it, and had to sell all my equipment when I moved.

    I may get back into it someday, but probably not real soon. I do miss the smell of wort cooking in the kitchen though.

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