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Dec 30, 2016
Reno, NV
Kinda new at this so bear with me. I'm going to smoke a "packer brisket" this weekend. The problem is it is just my wife and I so we will have a lot of left over meat which is what I intended. Now I would like some suggestions on what I can do with the leftovers. I would also like to know the best way to reheat the brisket without losing flavor or over cooking the meat. Thanks
Tacos...chilli...Sammy's. All good with leftover brisket. If you vac seal the leftovers they can be warmed in a water bath or a sous vide if you have one. If not a slow cooker on low with a little beef broth works good.

Do you recommend slicing the brisket say in 1# packages? I do have a seal-a-meal. I did this for pulled pork and seems to work great.
I usually slice my leftovers and package them exactly as you're thinking with no issues.

My favorite technique for reheating small portions for two is to use a veggie steamer like the picture.
I add a cup or so of beef broth to my sauce pan add the steamer insert and sliced brisket cover tight and steam away...
Moist, tender and flavorful every time.
Good smoken
Do you thaw and then steam or steam from frozen and about how long do you steam for?
Either way works but frozen takes a long while to thaw and reheat so I usually thaw first...Then I steam till hot through...Never really timed it out but if thawed it only takes maybe 8-10 minutes...High heat until broth begins to boil then low heat till warmed through.
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