Hog and venison quarters - Qview

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Dec 8, 2013
Too much meat in the freezer so I made a little room. I got 2 hog quarters my brother-in-law gave me and a venison quarter I had left over from processing last week. I let them marinate just under 20hrs. Smoking them with hickory and a little apple in the MES 40.


Can't wait to get them off the racks on onto a plate!

Hot off the smoker. Hickory and apple mix smoked to 165 IT . It's wrapped in foil with a little Italian dressing on the venison so it doesn't dry out any more. The hog legs were much juicier than the venison leg so I simply wrapped em and put then in the oven. Once they hit 190 I will pull them and throw them in the cooler for 30min.

Hope it turns out well! :grilling_smilie:
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