Hiya all from FL.

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    Hi my name is Dan, greetings from Baldwin FL a suburb of Jacksonville, I have been in NE Florida for almost 15 years now and am a self employed delivery contractor for a couple of pharmaceutical companies. My wife and I have been married for almost 12 years and we have a blended family of 5 kids.My wife and I are volunteers in our church's children ministry and I like to go hunting and just being outside. I absolutely love to bbq and also to grill. I have a small Weber grill, a smaller stainless steel kettle grill and a custom built smoker trailer that also has a propane grill made from a beer keg and a propane burner if I wanted to have a fish fry. The smoker I just got in July so I am relatively new to indirect heat . I mainly use oak to grill along with pecan as these trees are plentiful in my area. I smoke all kinds of meat but love doing chicken. Thanks for being here and I look forward to getting to know folks here.

    - Dank73
  2. Hi Dan

    Welcome to the Forum ..[​IMG] ¬†Hope To see you posting around the site. Great bunch of smokers here and everyone is quick to answer any questions you have. Were glad you found the site!!


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