Hillbilly Spice Rack

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here is pics of my built-in spice rack. one is of the door shut, and one with the door open. sorry the one pic is blurry.

for a tad bit of info also....as I got to thinking..... you usually can get most of the popular spices dirt cheap...yup.......dirt cheap....at the DOLLAR STORE...... don't forget that!!!!! I get alot of mine there, except for the more exotic type of spices...they usually have them......even at rite aid they have the same type about the same price.......
i like the spice rack... maybe the missus will let me hand a redneck one up as well..lol

i especially like all the Tony's... we use it on everything
Teacup, if you was a redneck you wouldn't be asking her anyway.
Hang it up and wait for her to notice and see what the reaction is. I find much easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

In all honesty, you wanna talk redneck, my wife really likes it. It was her idea to hang it up. I used to have a board nailed to the bottom so it would stand up in the corner and be kinda outta the way. Just not enough cabinet space. A po boy has to do what a po boy has to do.
Well chad at least you didnt answer like I would have( have spent many nights in the dog house) Baby its my way or the highway LOL.
Teacup -

leave your spices all over the table and look confused ... when your wife asks what worng tell her you need a new spice rack.

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