Hillbilly Spice Rack

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Master of the Pit
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Apr 17, 2006
Greenwood, MO
I was fooling around the other day and took a couple pics of my fancy spice cabinet to share with ya'll. It is an old ammo box that rockets came in originally.

Those McCormack spices are expensive compared to buying larger containers from say Costco or and maybe even BJ's or Sam's Club (not a member of these). I passed on getting some at Costco and stopped at a local supermarket closer to home, only to find the cost was very similar but the quantity I got was about 1/8th. Only problem is I'll need a HUGE spice cabinet!
Agreed, I purchase bulk spices as well, they just don't fit in this particular cabinet. I knew I needed bulk spices the first time I made a quadruple batch of TulsaJeff's rib rub. I had 4 (I think) little grocery store bottles of paprika in it by the time I was done measuring. That's a little over $10 just in paprika for those keeping score at home.

I have a Costco membership and in fact have a trip planned there Monday. I still end up with lots of smaller ones. Things I don't use much of or run out of in between trips to the big town.

The Grill Mates seasonings were recently purchased on a 10 for $10 deal @ our local grocery store. I am big on the Roasted Garlic & Herb Grill Mates stuff on country style pork ribs on the grill. MmmmMmmm.
We saw a stack of these boxes for sale at the last Gun Show me and Mrs. D went to. She asked me "What on earth would somebody use an old rocket crate for". I said they would make a nice storage unit-just mount it on a wall. Well she gave me "that look" again and said "Yeah, right!"

Now I'll have to show her Meowey's nifty spice rack just to prove to her that sometimes, I DO KNOW what I'm talkin' about!!
I like the spice arrangement Chad. Putting the cayenne, crushed red pepper and cajun seasonings on the bottom probably makes the box think it still has rockets in it.
my kitchen has a built-in spice rack. there is a smallish door in the wall, open it and there is shelves. i put my spices in it, because it is dark in there with the door closed.
That would be a cool idea in the trailer when going to a competition... and I can just imagine the looks I would get.

I love it....

I found that I too have found buying the small bottles got expensive, and have found a supplier on line that has some very good prices, and I don't have to drive 20 miles to save a few bucks.... And they ship super fast too. I got my order like in 3 days from ordering.....

I'm more interested in the rack on the back wall of the next room. Looks like my kinda house :)

I use surplus ammo boxes of all kinds for storage. They're cheap and with a little common sense, can be used for just about anything. Good work there UM!
Good eye Stars, I didn't even notice they made the picture.
Thats just a rack of .22's that didn't make the cut to get to live in the overflowing safe. They are 2 Remington 514 Single Shots, a Winchester 191 Deluxe, and a Marlin bolt I horse traded a coon hunting buddy for that has a fashioned floor plate therefore making it a Single shot bolt. He lost the magazine.
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