high humidity in Chamber

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Mr White

Original poster
Oct 15, 2021
hi I built a curing chamber for meat out every fridge I have it hooked up to ink bird temperature control and ink bird humidity control hooked up to a dehumidifier. it seems like when the fridge turns off the humidity spikes up to 98%. and then the dehumidifier will slowly bring it down back to 80%. is that normal?
What diameter is the product? Salami or whole muscles? 14kg. of salami in 42mm hog casing or smaller will put out a lot of moisture. I like to try and rotate out/in 5kg. at a time spread out over 2 weeks. This allows the newly added product to remove quite a bit of moisture and allow for mold coverage to slow the salami drying before adding more product.

If large whole muscles like coppa, lomo or culatello, 14kilos is fine all at once as the weight to surface area ratio is a lot smaller and less moisture will evaporate off the product.

Also- what are the parameters on your controllers?
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